Mar 31, 2009

A day in the park

I love this one little dumpy park tucked away from view, edged by walking paths, hardly ever a child playing, just a few cars come to spend their lunch hours protected by the solitude of trees and the occasional Frisbee golfers. Too poor for wood chips, too spare for regular clean ups. Easiest park to get my boys in and out of with the van a few steps away and little fear from traffic. Our lonely park where I never feel like a freak among other moms because none come to invade our intimate setting. Gone are the tight-lipped moms who look miserable, strong moms who know how to discipline properly, active moms who weigh 30 pounds less than me, moms who weigh much much more, smoking moms who bark on their cell phones, all kinds of moms and some sad weekend dads too. And I never have to guilt over displays of tantrums or sand throwing in our solitude.

I am on a video high, so bear with me . . . the opening scene features our own park-like yard and Bereket's adorable swing style. Wouldn't you love to play?

Crazy Young American

Episodic break from triplet musings and onto Haiti. . .

Located on my side bar maybe you have noticed SOIL: Empowering Haiti through soil. (Maybe "empowering" was a poor word choice?) Did anybody donate to this cause (or even regard the link?)? No. Well, don't feel bad, but do it! Or take a trip down there and help build a composting toilet with my hilarious and brainy friend Sasha Kramer. Sasha, I need to get down there! At least read about her cause. . .

The scoop on poop (and pee): S.O.I.L builds toilets where toilets and sanitation lack and fecal-born disease prevails, in a country (Haiti) where soils are nutrient depleted.
The twist: separate pee from poo thus making it cleaner, and compost the human waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer for food production. Snappy.

And she's not just young and crazy, she is also a Stanford-educated PhD.

Sasha is who I want to be in my next life. Click HERE and check out the New York Times article and watch the video embedded. The only flaw is they left out her infamous laugh (California style).

Next blog post, triplets only.

Mar 26, 2009

Return to Me

Hurry back, hurry back
oh, my love, hurry back,
I'm yours

I'm weakly coming back, but I am here. Nice to feel your cyber vibe again. Need a smile? Watch my latest Friend Video. Ciao for now.