Jun 26, 2008

Beastie Triplet Boys

Triple Trouble
Excerpted from lyrics by The Beastie Boys

If You
If You
Wanna Know
Wanna Know
The real deal about the three
Well let me tell you
We're triple trouble ya'll
We're gonna bring you up to speed. . .

Moving the crowd, well that's a must
I got some words that apply to us and that's
Mesmerizing, tantalizing
Captivating, we're devastating. . .

Hey yo, BAM super nature *** ****
Cerrone on the microphone I am
Adrock a.k.a sharp cheddar
My rhymes are better
What the Helen in Troy is that?
Did I hear you say my rhymes is wack?
I'm beautiful you can't touch me
If you pick a rose, well you might just bleed. . .

We're originators you can't feign
Ignorance or pass the blame
'Nuff rhymes coming out the brain
'Nuff beats to drive you insane
'Nuff moves to make your neck crane
'Nuff skill to make the rhymes ingrain
'Nuff heat to leave you in flames
'Nuff style that you can't defame
You see I walk like Jabba The Hutt
With the style so new y'all be like what?

Jun 25, 2008

Then & Now

Last June

This June

Where have my chub-u-lub baldy babies gone?

Jun 23, 2008

Days of June

I just realized June is big holiday month for us. In the early part of the month Jerry celebrates his birth. He is now ripe and ready at 43. Then there was Father's Day. Days for fathers and mothers get lost on us. Frankly, we find them rather dull and I spend weeks worrying that I will forget, yet again, to send my parents anything or the day will slip by and I won't remember to even call. Sorry mom and dad for all those days past that I failed to honor your status in my life. But let me say thank you to Bereket, Sira, and Tsega for entitling us with life roles as Mother and Father. Thank you. Those two holidays are really about honoring you, not us, until you leave home when it does become about us again.

June also marks summer solstice and here in Kansas fireflies, cicadas, amazing and terrifying storms, and green green prairies dominant our landscape for a couple more months. We have taken two trips down to our lovely root cellar already this month. Imagine me charging through the wind to that cellar with armfuls of diaper-only babies, one clinging to a chatter box telephone. Amusing.

We were lucky to find a whole and undamaged home after returning from the second. Three homes within a 1/2 mile of us were completely destroyed by a tornado that ripped along our road. It left our yard only savaged with tree limbs.

And of course, June commemorates African American freedom. Happy Juneteenth.

In late June we celebrate the triplets entry into life. The big one-plus-one. The terribly great twos times three. Happy Birthday my triplet sons (my triplet sons, wow, it never gets old) Tsega, Bereket, & Sira. I sadly noticed yesterday that only Sira still clings to a remnant of doey baby face. It's really gone from Bereket and Tsega. Sira, hang onto it a little while longer. Let your mouth hang open and the drool run free.

By-by babies. Really heard to say by-by. I've been dreading these moments of decaying babyhood. Recently I compiled every video posted on this blog into one hard copy. After watching in chronological order by date, I realized that yes, babies are cuter than toddlers. My god, my babies were ADOR-able! Yes, toddlers, including my own, are still so very cute. And wow, was Tsega ever fat! But what really grabbed me is how the videos got funnier and funnier from one to the next. The boys are so much fun and entertaining these days compared to those past easy lazy baby days.

Happy Birthday Triplets, what more can I say?

What better birthday gifts to give two year old triplets than a home spun swing set?

We added a big kid swing for me, little neighbors, or whoever stops by and needs a swing. We want to be the fun house, the place with "chaos and creation" where kids want to play. We'll slowly add more playground equipment as time passes and judging by the video I shot, a slide may be a good starter.

About the video below. . . Sira was the genius who came up with alternative usage of the choo choo wagon and of course after his first go-around, which I didn't even think his two brothers witnessed, everybody came running up for a turn on the slide.

Jun 11, 2008

Mama Mama Mama Dance

This dance requires three extraordinarily cute toddlers, babies, whatever you may have. It's funnier with boys, but not gender dependent. The setting is outdoors on a warm sweaty day. Sticky fingers and clothing optional, but bare chests & bare legs create better mood. Now twirl 'round and around, over and over, and repeat in unison with exaggerated enthusiasm & emphasis on the second syllable: ma-Ma!, ma-Ma!, ma-Ma!, ma-Ma! ma-Ma!. . .

Don't forget to occasionally fall down, on purpose or by accident. And watch for neighbors when you join in if you prefer to keep a low profile.

Jun 3, 2008

Breaking Away

Trouble, oh trouble in Tripletland. Two weekends ago I tucked in Bereket, Sira, and Tsega for a nice long afternoon slumber. Ohhh, should I sleep, clean, read, daydream under a walnut tree? Re-energize, re-organize, these are my moments to do things I cannot do while on duty. Hmmm, wait. . . not hearing the usual sounds of mattresses springing up and down, or cribs rattling; not hearing the usual chirping back n forth. Something is up. . . loud weird misplaced thumps. *Creak* I open the door a slit and my mind can't wrap around what I'm seeing. Three big babies milling around the floor (the floor??), drawers and their objects pulled to the ground. The floor, really??? Ohhhhh nooooo, they have discovered crib hopping and all at the same time (do they have to do everything together?)! I'm not prepared, I have no solutions, I cling to my containment hours, I will not give them up yet. And judging by the above photos, how long before they hop the fence?

No, Tsega is not this tall, hmmmm. . . .

*Update 1* I wrote this last week then filed it away and no more crib hopping. The boys were staying in our room while we entertained guests for a week and perhaps the novelty of exploring uncharted drawers and closets was too rich to ignore. In their nursery there is nothing to do except jump up and down on crib mattresses so perhaps containment has not fled so soon?

*Update 2* NO! I was wrong. It's back. And a certain Mr T now dives from his crib into his neighbor's crib. Not good for a tired parent or a sleepy baby (especially when bigger baby tortures sleepy baby).

No, no, crib tents would never hold these guys. They would figure out the zippers or rip their way through the mesh. I know, I know, this is not a real problem. Acquired skills are always good, I know, just let me complain. :) I have no answers and toddler beds, at this point, don't solve the problem since the biggest challenge is to keep Baby A off Baby C (and vice versa) so all babies may sleep safe and sound.

Discovered quite accidentally, by the way, and not that this will help with the above problems, bind weed slows triplets down. Yes, bindweed. Take a peek at this quickie video of the boys stumbling, unhappily, through a disturbed field of bindweed.