Jun 11, 2008

Mama Mama Mama Dance

This dance requires three extraordinarily cute toddlers, babies, whatever you may have. It's funnier with boys, but not gender dependent. The setting is outdoors on a warm sweaty day. Sticky fingers and clothing optional, but bare chests & bare legs create better mood. Now twirl 'round and around, over and over, and repeat in unison with exaggerated enthusiasm & emphasis on the second syllable: ma-Ma!, ma-Ma!, ma-Ma!, ma-Ma! ma-Ma!. . .

Don't forget to occasionally fall down, on purpose or by accident. And watch for neighbors when you join in if you prefer to keep a low profile.


Crystal said...

Wow!! That sounds great. I can definitely se how this could be funnier with boys

Kerry and Tom said...

if you get a chance can you email me at kgarner67@hotmail.com
just want to chat with you a little.