Jul 3, 2008

Three for me and none for you

Sometimes 3 is never enough (and sometimes it's way too much--just kidding!). My advice to moms of multiples/triplets: buy 3 cribs and 3 high chairs (booster chairs, while we have one, are extremely dangerous for many reasons including head bumping and tipping over, all of which has lead to minor injuries in our house--click HERE for a taste of what I mean), 3 varieties of push wagons or ride 'em cars (and 3 Tonka trucks for that matter), but as for the rest of the big baby and toddler equipment moms buy, including toys, don't buy 3 of everything. Either all of your babies will ignore it (whatever it may be), so that if you bought 3 you are now stuck with 3 pieces of junk. Or your babies will fight over the same item even though you have a duplicate in proximity of same shape and same color. My boys fight over sticks and sod for corn sake, and we have a million of those.

(If you blow up the picture below, you will see a blurb of Tsega way off in the distance.)

Actually, don't buy them any toys. They'll find plenty to play with like dining chairs, couch, dirt . . . that way they won't ask you for anything (like for the 100th swing ride of the day).

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Scott and Emily's Blog said...

it's so funny that you blogged about this...i don't have twins or triplets, but my son and foster daughter are only 1 year apart, and well they fight over everything. what one has the other wants it also. We just bought Lola a sweet african american baby doll...searched for "just the right one" on line...well when she got it...she wanted the cheap, white baby, one that was given to us for free because we gave that one to Samuel to play with because she was getting a brand new one. What can you do? It made me mad though I must admit :)