Apr 15, 2010

Guest Blogger

Paige from Ethiopian Orphan Relief asked me to write a guest blog entry on something big. BIG is this month's EOR bloggy theme. She suggested I write something about the differences between my first and second Ethiopia trips. For my first trip to Ethiopia (2006) I played the role of timid tourist and scaredy adoptive mother. Second trip (2008) I played only the role of tourist. Remember readers, I have links on my sidebar that montage both. Anyway, I sorely need an editor for such a task, but I tried my best anyway. For a fun read (at least peep at EOR's website anyway!), click HERE. I'm sure there's offensive material for at least a few of us, so be gentle criticizing but have fun. :)

Thanks Paige!


jayme said...

Your pictures and experiences are stunning. We're just starting to think about the experiences we'd like to have when we return to Ethiopia next year. I'd love to talk more with you about it!

Scott and Emily's Blog said...

I found your "essay" very interesting...makes me want to be there also. Thanks for sharing.