Jun 22, 2010

The Babas

Tsega (crying): Baba did it, the One in the Cow.

He means Sira.

Tsega has lived with Bereket-Sira (the identical twins of the triplets) for almost 4 years. He lived in utero with them, although separated by membranes, for up to 9 months. He sleeps in the same room and spends most waking moments wrapped up in Bereket-Sira. Yet to him, they are usually, collectively, Baba. He usually does not care to distinguish them, or can't. He can say their names, but he gets it wrong all the time. It was only in the last 9 months or so that the boys started calling each other by name. They are funny this way.

This was something the speech therapist worked on last school year, naming brothers. But, I told her, this is a bit tricky for Tsega since he can't tell Bereket-Sira apart. To me they look incredibly different neck-up, but neck-down they are genuine clones, except for a few little skin blemishes, even sharing the same funky toenail.

The cow. Sira, until lately because of hot weather, was wearing his mouse costume daily. But the tail ripped off so he switched to the cow costume. They love tails. Then the cow's tail ripped off too. They also like pulling tails. I have some mending to do. . . . Anyway, you should see him in either costume. I have little matching masks and he wears those like headbands. He looks so damn cute with his hair pulled back all dressed up. Then he scampers around on all fours.

Some boys dress up like mice and cows, others prefer skirts and dresses. But we won't touch that today. My Babas. But if you call Tsega 'Baba' he will correct you. No, not Baba. Tsega. But Tsega, you are so Baba. BTW, that is acually Bereket in the cow up there at the tail end on winter.

*Post-script: I said something to Tsega over last weekend about his Babas and he corrected me, twice. No not Baba, Dira. No no, no Baba, Bereket. In fact, he loves chanting Bereket! instead of Dira! all over the yard as they weave around trees screeching. And sometimes, it really is Bereket.

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