Jan 23, 2012

Teeth: an update

Taking a break on U Street.

Remember when they are babies and every tooth eruption is important? Like, whoa, my kid is so talented, he already has 6 teeth! Whoa, we are so in a bad way because he is cutting molars. I'm not sure how much teeth were responsible for making Bereket's eyes so big and quiet during his teen months. But I forgot that at a pretty young age all those little perfect baby teeth start falling out. Kind of gruesome. I filed that one away until last year when I started noticing all these 4 and 5 year old kids in Pre-K with mouths full of missing, differently sized, and jagged teeth.

And, true to order of teeth eruption, we are losing those lovely pearls beginning with Bereket (lost first tooth during the end of his fourth year). Sira is a close second and Tsega is trailing far behind (zero loose, zero out). Funny, the big kid (and he is getting quite huge while the little guys are still the littlest people in their class) with all the hair gets his teeth last and loses them last.

Number of teeth lost so far: 6.

Bereket is the cutest with one of the two front ones gone (that's him with the red shorts). For some reason he has not stopped smiling ever since and if I could draw a few freckles on his cheeks, he'd be perfect. We had a toy vacuum once, it had a toothy smile. It looked just like Bereket's baby-toothed smile. I kind of miss that stupid vacuum.


Mark and Sarah said...

You are A GEM for posting. I miss your posts about your silly boys. I bet they are CUTE without those teeth.

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Samantha said...

NOOOoooo stop I can't stand it! More photos please?

Christina said...

Joy. And can I let you in on a little secret? Our Tsega's name was chosen because of yours :).

Paula said...

We're in the throes of tooth loss here, too. Sarah has lost four and Candace three. None yet for Thomas. The twins both lost their first tooth at age six and a half. My bio kids were all kind of late teethers too.