Mar 8, 2007

Referral Pictures

Sleeping beauties. I recognize the noses, but who's who?

We found out after we met the boys that the baby on the far left is Tsega (he's now the BIG one), in the middle is Sira (I recognized the eyebrows!) and then Bereket on the right. Only Bereket is crying in this picture :).


Sarah said...

Congrats on your arrivals!!! They are so sweet!!!
We are waiting for a referral from Ethiopia as well- hoping for twins or siblings under 24 months! I can't wait to experience the joy you already have firsthand!!!

stephanie garcia said...

Triplets! How AMAZING!! What a wonderful, fabulous surprise this must have been for you. They are precious.

Jude and Mane said...

You are a wonderful people!.. God bless you and your family. kisses to your cute little boys,