Apr 4, 2007

How to Feed Triplets

How have we stayed sane with night feedings and constant formula for THREE babies? Podee bottles!

If it weren't for these bottles, I'd have to take it all back and admit our house is indeed a train wreck. So please don't accuse me of bad attachment parenting; with multiples you modify. It took the triplets practice in the beginning, we would lead their tiny hands up to the base of the nipple to keep from sliding out of their mouths and squeezed nipple bases to siphon milk up so there was no delay of milk delivery. Tsega took to it immediately. Bereket and Sira, especially Sira, would at times get mad when the milk wasn't in mouth at first suck and they couldn't quite get it up through the tubes fast or efficient enough, or the nipple would fall out. Sometimes they'd hold onto the tube and yank out the nipple reflexively, not knowing what they did and unable to retrieve it. They'd throw their helpless arms out to the side and scream (oh, the tragedy!) and I'd get the old fashioned bottles back out.

Now they're so proficient they can find the bottle, grab it by the tube, and swing the nipple in their mouths. Jerry and I love to tease them and get them all squirming and noisy by holding onto the tubes and twirling the bottles over their heads. But you have to watch and make sure they don't steal their brother's bottle. Watch Sira steal Tsega's bottle:

Don't worry, Tsega gets it back.

Another good idea is to make large pitchers of formula in the mornings and keep them in the fridge so you aren't keeping crying babies waiting and mixing formula all day. By the way, we don't have a dish washer so we do wash bottles constantly and Podee bottles aren't the easiest to wash. Somebody should invent a mini automatic bottle washer that's fits on counter tops (or do they make these!?) 'cause I am tired of washing bottles ("Jerry, you do it!" is a common statement in our house along with, "get a rag!").


*~JESSIE~* said...

Oh my gosh they are so cute! I loved those pictures. I had never heard of those types of bottles before but what a life saver. A gal at my church has quads, I'll have to tell her about those.

Mom-of-5 said...

Oh they couldn't be any cutier !!
You are a star for caring for three so young !! Do what ever it takes to make things easier.

Geri & Myron said...

Cindy, Thanks for sharing your pictures! Your boys are very amazing and very expressive!

Geri (got your link from the forum)

lara said...

i wish i had those bottles for my twins when they were little , and their brother he was 3 days off being one when they were born , it would have been a great time saver.

Amy said...

The "stolen nipple" picture is priceless!!! Your sons are beautiful.

Stacy said...

these boys are adorable. love the get a rag photo. I am so glad you are doing this blog, it's a lot of fun to check in on your amazing triplets.