Jan 10, 2008

Perfect Days

Oh, it’s such a Perfect Day everyday at our house, just like Lou Reed sings (one of my absolute favorite songs); OK, maybe his song was about love, or the beginnings of fresh love was my feeling, but the way he sings it stimulates all those perfect less-than-wakeful moments from my mind that are made up of feelings and sensations rather than details and events. Fantasies. And so it is fantasy that as a mother of triplets (or as a former non-mother, for that matter) I’m laid back, patient, and chilled, but I thank you for your compliments, dear dear readers. I do try for all these things, and maybe we do indeed have our hands full as millions repeatedly tell us, although I still get a funny look on my face when I get the, oh it must be so awful, so glad it’s not me-related comments, since, honestly, I feel like I'm disappointing by not really relating horror stories. (At these times I’m usually thinking, do you know how lucky we are to have one child, let alone triplets!?) Rough days or moments happen, they do indeed, but it’s the perfect moments that matter and we have our hands full of these.

Clinginess, fights, biting, crankiness, sleepless nights, tantrums, willfulness, we get it all, but not usually x3 in a single moment. But man, we get that too! But why complain or fight it? We knew these days would come. Yeah, sometimes I lose it just a little, need a time-out, get that ugly mean-mama grimace, wanna scream, but I expected that too. But maybe you’re right about me, because things like laundry and ripped furniture aren’t the things to worry about. Unless my child is facing illness or otherwise serious problems, I can’t complain, I can only be grateful that my boys have adventure, mobility, and imagination; that they have each other and we have them.

I think sometimes being a triplet is more stressful than parenting triplets. How unfair that one brother never experiences undivided attention since the moment of conception. It perhaps hits Bereket the hardest who really hates sharing and wishes everybody would leave his car alone. If it gets bad and he really can't take it, he stays swaddled in my sling, sometimes grasping a meaningless object, just to claim something as his very own. He doesn’t like being trampled on so much either, so I’m happy to see the boys wrestling Tsega to the ground and taking horsey rides on him, not Bereket, because the big guy can take it. Hopefully soon I’ll catch their conga line dance on video as well.

I'll remind myself of this post and the perfect days next time that grimace shows up. . . like when we're cuddling before bed reading books, when the boys mimic animal sounds, sing, and dance; when they hug each other or give us a kiss, and when they're making each other laugh, playing happily together, or tickling each other's feet; when they're copying each other, inventing new games, running round the house, or finding new ways to unite and solve challenges. . .

Tickle, tickle, tickle.

They hug books to sleep rather than stuffed animals.


Ring the bell.

Fun house.


Jenny said...

Great post, Cindy. I love those perfect days! Much better than those pulling-your-hair-out/driving-me-bonkers days! The antics and pictures of the UESF always brighten my day!

FrogMom said...

I love the way your guys always seem to be working together to cause trouble. Maybe it is just the pics you post, but it always seems that the three of them are piled in a chair together, lying across each other, banging brooms together, etc, not off in different corners doing their own thing. It's awesome!

Malia'sMama said...

They're precious on the couch! Bet that lasted maybe 2 minutes. :) It can't be easy being one of three, as you said, and it's awesome that you acknowledge that and hold Bereket in the sling so he KNOWS you do.
The pics of Tsega in the green with his binky (and a number of others over the posts), I can't help it- I see Malía! Except that he definitely has a heck of a lot more hair!!
Wishing you many more perfect days!!

Deirdre said...

What an inspiring post! I'll think back to it when my grimace shows up, too. Toddler boys are ridiculous amounts of fun, and I love how enthusiastically you embrace that.

LISA said...

I LOVE watching your boys play! It's the greatest!
Lisa :)

julie said...

Your boys are such cuties. You are very blessed.

We are adopting one from child from Ethiopia (maybe 2) and already have 5 at home.

However, three at one time makes me break out in a sweat. You seem to be doing a great job.

I loved looking at all your pictures. Thanks for sharing.


Cindy said...

I just love your blog...have since you started it. Your writing style just cracks me up...and your boys crack me up. Thanks so much for your stories, they really do brighten my day.My 6 and 4 year olds demand I check it at least once a week since it makes them laugh :)

Michelle said...

I have to say - I'm addicted! No children of my own, not even married, but I love reading about your boys.

This last post was no exception. I am at work, and realized when the video stopped, I was smiling at my computer like a loon.

Your boys are so cute - I'd love to scrapbook an album of them. Does that sound odd? Someone who doesn't know you beyond what you blog, and here I want to put together an album of your boys. Ha, ha! I don't mean to sound so strange.

Really though, I just want you to know that you are inspiring! When I need to cheer up, I always pull up the news on your boys. Someday I hope to have a house full!

deliverynurse said...

Cindy...I met Jerry in Pullman when visiting my son Shane, and heard of your boys and blog thru Kathy ...and have been in tears reading your descriptions of your boys and their impact on your lives!! Your perception of their uniqueness and spirits is awesome. I just wanted you to know that I look forward to checking this site and seeing what you are all doing...and send you good energy!!!

Ruth said...

I absolutely love your attitude. You treasure the simple things - those moments that others might not notice or might take for granted. And you realize what a treasure it is to be a mom and don't take your THREE blessings for granted. And you seem to have your priorities straight also - less concerned about "things" and more concerned about your three bundles of joy. I love reading your blog. I don't post often, but I do check by here rather frequently. Thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts here on your blog!!! :-)

Angela said...

Your blog is for sure one of my favorites! I love always seeing the boys so happy...but even when they are crying, i love hearing your sweet reassuring voice... You are a great mom...doing a great job! Love your sweet attitude, too. Always communicating that children are a blessing, not a burden. You challenge and encourage me. Thank you!

Kerry and Tom said...

I am just in awe of how adorable they are. Those are 3 of the happiest babies i have ever seen.
I love the videos.

Life in Fitzville said...

I love coming here... they are just so cute!

With a pack of kids close in age, I have gotten the "So glad it's you and not me." comment before. On my not so nice days, i have responded "Yeah, my kids are glad it's me and not you, too!"

erika's funny farm said...

I don't comment much, but I love your posts... Your boys are getting so big. What a wonderful gft they are. Thanks for sharing a little with us. I have four children and usually cannot get them all to look at the camera at the same time. You have some great sofa pictures.

Angie said...

what a great post...we've been reading your blog for a while now and i just love hearing about how it's going and seeing those cool boys in action! thank you!

SDR said...

Cindy - I just found your blog and love it. We're in Boulder, CO waiting for a referral. I showed your blog to my husband and he said maybe we should try to get 3 too!!! So maybe you should post some of the not so perfect day stuff, just to keep him realistic! Your boys are beautiful.

eszter said...

My name is Eszter.I am from Hungary(Europe)and I've found your blog yesterday. Your boys are beautiful,amazing and you are a wonderful mommy!!!!
I hope you don't mind if I read you and sometimes leave comments.
I also would like to adopt one day!:)Adoption is a miracle!

Heather said...

Hi there,
I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog! My husband & I are very close to being on the waiting list to adopt our first child or children... maybe twins!! I have been checking in and simply love reading about the all the joy and the "perfect days" that we have to look forward to. I can feel the happiness in your home through your photographs. Please feel free to check out our blog:

Continued happiness to you and your beautiful family!