Jan 8, 2008

That's all there was in 2008

Grandma torture . . .

Good by old, hello new. The departure of 2008 reminds me of other milestone farewells we bade during the last 12 months. By by cribs, sippie cups (except cars), the 20-something months, chair tipping, a lot of snaps, 90% of food and utensil throwing, bath hating, size 5 diapers (hello size 6 and hoping the next move we make is not onto adult-sized diapers), restaurants, toddler-proof door knobs, sleeping in past 7:15 (pitter patter and bed cuddles is not a bad alarm clock), and T said good by to size 2T and a whole lot of hair.

In honor of the great year that just past, ala video montage style, I've highlighted the greatest moments in the life with triplets from the last 12 months. Excuse the weird first song (old Peggy Lee redone by Chaka Khan), it struck my fancy as I thought of what life is really like triplets. Keep dancing, break out the booze, and have a ball.

Happy New Year!!!

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