Aug 23, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Don't

While I find zoos a place of torment for those unlucky to find themselves behind the bars and walls, especially if the habitat is replicated poorly and animal is alone, pacing, or bored (or in Kansas), they are nevertheless blessings to families and babies. Our favorite and most feared (beside the rhinos who usually pee on us), is, of course, the primates. Feared because it is hard watching these near-humans caged, so far removed from their native habitat, looking into those thoughtful humanoid eyes; and also because at least one baby always gets scared. Favorite because they are monkeys, after all, and they love scooting up to the glass to tease (and it's fun watching baby get scared by monkey).

Speaking of monkeys, the 'monkey see, monkey do' thing is sooo Sira. This kid is hilarious as he copies and mimics everything. Like if somebody falls and gets a boo boo (most falls get left without crying--it's a triplet thing), he'll fake fall down and fake cry and point to a fake boo boo. I've got a million examples, but watching this kid strike poses and mimic sounds, mirroring a brother, is great entertainment. Sira is our actor in the family. Although everybody is theatrical, to say the least . . .


Kathrin said...

I am with you on the zoo thing.
So cute how Sira hides behind his hands.


MotherMotherOcean said...

Small zoos are good for the small kids. But they usually equal small enclosures.