Aug 19, 2008

Shameless Plugging

Although I don't normally deviate from triplet chronicles, a good plug is worth plugging.

If you find yourself idling and bored and wondering what we think about in Tripletland when we're not thinking triplets (hmmm, is there ever a triplet-free thought anymore?), then flip through National Geographic, September 2008 issue. You may spot the famous & funky triplet papa on page 146 (he's all mine, girls and guys). It's nice having a National Geographic photographer in your neighborhood.

And no other American knows better about the problems of Haitian soil than my do-good buddy Sasha Kramer, quoted on page 108. Sasha has a passion for Haiti, human rights, food growing, ecology, soil, and poop (well, and pee for that matter). Come help her build soil fertility and human health in Haiti through the construction of composting toilets or donate to her worthy organization S.O.I.L

May you eat and drink well tonight and offer your blessings, thanks, and compost to Mama Earth.


Mama Papaya said...

And we can all say we knew him when.

Very cool!

Do I get bonus points for double composting? First the chickens get it and then the compost bin gets it with a little additional nutrition thrown in. I am just that good to Mama Earth.

Kate said...

You guys are getting famous. I just read all about the Land Institute on a Chipotle cup!

By the way, the pic is also up online Beautiful and sculptural -- the grass, I mean :)

Ruth said...

That is so cool that your dh is in Ntl Geographic!!!!

Craig and Cindy said...

Wow, very impressive...

Will check out the org..


Scott and Emily's Blog said...

just got the new National g. in the mail and can't wait to read it...saw your hubby, pretty neat. My husband, I think, would really get along with you two. He is very interested in locally grown food, composting, and yes composting toilets.

Kate said...

So this is now an old post, but I thought I'd mention that the article author was on all things considered this p.m. (Sept 22). And the "beautiful photos" were mentioned on the air. I'm still in awe.