May 22, 2009

Tsega Babe

Tsega is one cool dude. Pictures don't do justice because they don't express his skateboard-kid strut. Seriously, he's got IT. And FYI, his heart is full on sweet love (lucky mate who ever lands him 50 years from now).

He likes sticks, spray bottles, bear hugs, singing, swinging, outside, nature, eating, long walks across the field, big kids, especially girls, and van rides to anywhere. His favorite sayings: Annie and no, no, no.

Annie's one of our nine cats and to Tsega, every cat is Annie. Any boo boo is caused by Annie. Indeed, he blames Annie for just about everything that hurts or goes wrong. Annie, Annie, ow, no, no, no. Poor innocent Annie.

But like his two brothers, he mans up when he goes wrong. I'm sure when they are much older and I ask, who did that? I won't be seeing little fingers pointing to their own chests. Gawd, they crack me up.


TylerandBrianne said...

At my house every cat is a Mac Mac. Brianne is fascinated by cats. He sounds just like her. She use to blame it all on Mac Mac, but now she is blaming it on her friends.

Mark and Sarah said...

Tsega baby, your curls are back!! Oh how we've missed them. You are one little hunk.

Sophie said...

Absolutely precious! Thanks for posting so many great pics of your kiddos :)

Mark Redfern said...

Did you do something with the front of his hair, or is that just natural? I'm trying to get my little man's hair long enough to do something fun with, like little twists. I love the way Tsega's hair lays! :)

--Katie R.

Dani said...

Oh, I love Tsega's hair! He is too cute!

Cindy said...

I know, T's hair is finally making a recovery! It seems the hair cut inspired his hair to grow really really thick and not so much length wise, but now it's getting there. He has the thickest, healthiest, strongest hair, for sure. Bereket and Sira's hair is still pretty thin but gaining much length.

As far as the front of his hair in these pictures, I just seperated small sections while damp and twirled around my fingers. It would take a loong time to go all over the head like this since his hair is so thick and he would never sit still that long. Cutie.