May 22, 2009

Spring/Summer Facials

This look seems awfully familiar. (I so dig on Sira's head profile.)

Last summer it was ash (for that blog post,click HERE).

This summer it is Gold Bond powder (men and their Gold Bond, oh brother).

Apply liberally and copy brother, of course.

My boys, in particular Sira and Bereket, love smothering dirt (excuse me, I mean soil) and pebbles in their hair, not to mention powders on their faces. To which we respond with a good upside down shaking (they love) or if really bad, a head dunking under running water (they hate). Really though, if you just send them to bed with a head full of rubble, it magically dissapears overnight. But feces in the hair, oh yes, I said feces, that takes a little more scrub. I could not figure out why child X kept coming in the house repeating poo (or boo?) and pointing up with a bit of worry in his eyes. Now I know, but I still don't know who pooped and who smeared.


Julie said...

Oh dear.

Kari said...

You are such an amazing story teller:)) I always zip over when you have a new post. (hope its Ok that I linked you on my blog:) We are the family that saw your tiny baby boys on the photo wall in Steffany's office. What a small world.
Come on over & see our Zoie girl!!

Long Journey Big Dreams said...

Two year olds are such characters! and times three in your case! Always on your toes I am sure!

Mama Papaya said...
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Mama Papaya said...

Good work boys. Good work.

So Mama, you ever stare at the vacuum and then stare at a child's head? Or is that just me?

Dani said...

Oh. My. Cindy, you make me feel like my crew is a breeze! At least I've never had to deal with "poo" in the hair (yet)! ;) I hear you about sand leaving in the night. Evan likes to dump it in Miriam's hair (*AHHHHHH*) and you can only get so much out of hair that is as long as her's. I've gotten to the point that if it's not visible I pretend it isn't there. :)

Dani said...

Hey, Mama Papaya, I caught myself staring at the vacuum and calculating if I'm strong enough to hold a child down. :D