Aug 24, 2009


Are they twins?
Well, actually they're triplets.
Triplets!? But this one is bigger.
Yeah, well, actually it's more like these two are smaller (by about 3 inches).
He has a more mature look on his face too.
Yeah. These two are still baby faced.
Triplets, boy, oh boy!
Oh, boy!

Tsega is his Ethiopian mother's image. They share almond eyes and I think when he grows up he will have her massive hands and feet. People often think more of Tsega, like more advanced relative to the "twins" or something, because he has this charm with people, a sort of maturity or wisdom on his face. And he's bigger. One lady used to tell me, I'm just drawn to him. In reality, he tests no higher than them in any subject so far and I notice no real differences in emotional and cognitive skills, just physical. He’s strong and intense. Like he's constantly cupping my face in both his hands and squeezes my cheeks together too hard. He does this to the dogs too. I watched him jump 10 steps down a loft--from the top of the highest step all the way to the floor--at preschool open house. The teachers gasped a little and admitted that they had never seen a kid do that before. Tsega went a little limp with embarrassment, or maybe he surprised himself, then grinned that coy way he has with his eyes still shut. Nice effect. The funny part of that story, about 5 minutes before he jumped, the staff asked about Tsega's talents and I said, "He's very good with his body."

He's powerful, still bangs sticks, tough boy, but he's a sensitive soul and he and I spend much time embracing. Sira and Bereket may look like baby brothers, but inside they are strong and excited about life like bigger brother. And Tsega is just as baby inside.


Nancy said...

I love the photos...and the new look. I find the white backgrounds stays quiet so the photos and your words can speak :)

It's amazing how much bigger he is than the twins :) Cute way to put it.

Hope you're feeling better.

Um - I need your email address again (I promise I'll save it this time).

Cindy said...

: )

Haitian-American Family of Three said...

I have cousins who are triplets, they are Japanese-Caucasian and two of them are identical, blond boys and one is black haired, olive skinned, growing people NEVER believed they were actually triplets and it drove their mom nuts! Your kids sure are cute no matter what size they are.

M and M said...

I totally enjoy the way you "see" your boys. And, now Nancy makes me think I should go from orange to white on my blog.

Brad and Fran Hoagland said...

I've always enjoyed your posts. Havent checked in on my fav blogs in a while, but so glad I took to the time to check in on the boys. Cannot believe they are 3! We are adopting from Ethiopia (been for almost 2 years now. Thus, have been reading about your busy boys since you brought them home). We finally get to travel and bring our baby home in 3 weeks! YAY! But I love the way you talk about having to answer all the questions you get all the time about the boys. They are still too cute! Please please please dont ever stop posting!

mama4alltime said...

I know very little about blogging. Looked for way to contact-this is only way I could find. Have to tell you I laughed and cried as I looked at your pics and read various blog entries. Your boys are wonderful! Such sweet faces. I'm the mom of 4, including multiples,and we are now empty nesters looking for a way to share our love and life with others in the best way possible. Not sure if we want to foster, volunteer, etc etc. I guess we are too old to adopt as we are in mid 50's but we have so much to give it seems a shame to not share. We're looking into Senior Volunteering opportunities also. I can't just sit around and do nothing when there are such needs in poorer countries! God bless you for adopting these boys _altho I'm sure you and Jerry are the ones who feel God has blessed You!!! Give me holler if you ever have any spare time!

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

A lot of people are amazed that my twins are twins because the boy is a lot bigger than the girl, due to 18 months of steroid therapy to combat kidney problems. No, they're really twins. Really. Yes, I know, but they REALLY are twins (and let it go, won't you?)

Autumn and Dan's family said...

All three boys...captivating.

kristen said...

so glad to see you are posting again. the boys are gorgeous. we brought home our girl/boy twins six weeks ago. we're growing our son's hair out-hoping it will look like tsega's.

Cavatica said...

Your boys are truly and interesting trio!

Josh, Amy, Olivia, Josiah, Girum, Tarikwa, and Taye said...

When people see us with our babies....I call them babies, but it goes by so fast!....they always ask the age difference between Taye and the other two (Girum and Tarikwa). I always just smile and say, "They're triplets, actually," but my mom, when she is out and about with us, says "about two hours." So fun to read your may actually inspire me to put up more recent pictures of my 5!