Aug 6, 2009

To Bed

It was the end of spring and blog dryout was settling in as the days grew long. Posts were written, never published, then forgotten. Here is one still intact and begging to be seen. Picture this: footy jammies, bedtime, cats pouncing, boys (well, Sira and Bereket) jumping outside and running from the inevitable, gardens yet to be filled in.

I am grateful we don't experience Arctic suns or my boys would never sleep. The haze of the shallowest light shuts night sleep out so that since the time change bedtime is a late 9:30 or 10:00 (upside: 8:00 wakings). Waiting until a more natural crossing-over to take place makes for more relaxed home. Until late spring we suffered rarely from protest at bedtime, but the post-bedtime scene of late had grown wild and long. A night's example: bed jumping and bed exchanging; a gathering of three in one bed (sounds nice, ends bad); blanket stealing; the dislodging of all clothes and diapers; screaming. We even suffered from a little fear of the dark that seems to have moved on. (Note: The Bear, a movie about a bear cub, although sweet and adventurous (the boys love movies about animals, Born Free and Old Yellar among their faves), terrified Sira and instigated Tsega's insistence that a large stuffed lion be removed from the nursery--he, the lion, has since returned.)

Resignation . . .

August Update: late night parties, sleeping in, and easy enough bedtimes continue, until next time change. Too hot for footie jammies and no more fear of dark.


Eastiopians said...

Love these pics!!!!

Kari said...

Oh I love when you post!!! You are such an amazing writer... we want more and more often OK!! The boys look wonderful!!
Take a peek at Zoie... almost 19 mo

Sharon and Michael said...

What precious boys! Love seeing them in pics. I'm an adoptive mother of 5 China born kids.

Sara said...

I popped on here tonight and was so glad to see you've come back to bloggyland! I missed the updates and the pictures.

And, by the way, feety pjs are just...well...I LOVE THEM. :)We are waiting on our next Ethiopian adoption and I already bought a pair of feeties for the newest munchkin. :)

RossVix said...

Hey Cindy
We adopted our twins (boy/girl) from Ethiopia almost a year and a half ago. I still marvel at these 2 active, funny little 19 months olds. It seems only yesterday that I was cradling these tiny 3-month old babies.

Your writing and pictures have always brought inspiration. Thanks for taking moments to post here and there.

And oh yes. You're boys are so beautiful! :0)


Karen & Brad Hernke said...

They are soooo cute!! My husband and I are on the list to adopt a boy & a girl ages 3m to 4 years old or twins.....we are sooo excitied!! Love your blog!!


mama4alltime said...

love these pics! We found with our four, a nightly bedtime ritual prepared them for nighty nite time and a much more relaxed, calmer transition. We did same thing every nite, started a little earlier as time went on, teeth brushing, rocking, reading of books, etc. Of course I'd be less then honest if I said this worked 100% of the time but it did work well as time went on. And the quiet time after they sleep is such a treat for us parents:-)It's what kept us from being crazy!lol.