Jan 20, 2010


No words, cannot imagine, cannot really feel or know the sadness, horror. Just thought I'd share where our little money went to help: S.O.I.L. I blogged about my friend's organization before and believe in their mission because I personally know Sasha, the co-founder, and know her heart and brains. SOIL is for long time change in Haiti and it's true, without answering problems about sanitation and food production (and therefore soil--Haiti has lost its soil and the means to feed itself), empowerment is not possible. But for the short term all donations go to earthquake relief. Sasha is in Port-au-Prince now and wrote THIS from the grounds (must read!).

Donate. Please. Today. If not to SOIL than another org you trust.

And if in need of comic relief and feeling just a little P-Oed at what Pat Robertson said about Haiti's earthquake, then you must read THIS, a letter from The Prince of Darkness himself to Robertson.

Peace and love.


Julie said...

Sasha's post is amazing. Unreal.

ethiograndma said...

God's Littlest Angels in Haiti also has some interesting first hand accounts posted by Dixie.