Jan 11, 2010


The kid was obsessed with Pinocchio. No, not was, is. Still. Still will he hunt around for the perfect "got no strings pants" or shoes, which sounds more like dot-no-teen running together all melty . . . oh the happy on his face and little bend he does when he is satisfied with his costume. Oh, and let's not bring up the tail obsession since I think it's almost passed. That one always makes him upset.

Now, a new obsession, a new character. This one more controversial. Not for the machismo faint of heart. For this he needs something that twirls around his legs. Usually, unfortunately, one of my shirts. And here it is: I'm a girl! (Or Gayle? Perhaps a girl named Gayle.) I now must hide all my shirts, undergarments, and tights. Little boys are not gentle with such frill and he is a messy eater. Don't bother telling him he's a boy when he is in such a state of mind. It might be unhealthy and he will only insist louder, No, gayle! One [points to himself], two [points to me], two gayles! I don't blame that he wants to identify with me (or his long-haired friends at school). The other day he said he was Boo while in costume (the baby girl in Monsters), so I suspect it's his love of play acting. Or the alternative. But I am not paying for the surgery! :) Anyway, sooner or later he throws off his dress and pecks around for a Pinocchio costume once again. He changes his clothes a lot.

Funny though, last Friday two people thought he was a girl and the way he was dressed and really, just looking at him, I didn't see it. Girl or boy, I love him or her to death!

*No names were used. I could be talking about anybody. I am not embarrassing my man child. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Paula said...

Well, that certainly brought a smile to my face. :)

Haitian-American Family of Three said...

"...am not embarrassing my man child..." what an awesome line!
I think most little boys go through this phase of wanting/dressing like little girls and why not? Gender-bending is now hip, at least in Seattle.

jayme said...

I'm all for kids exploring and experimenting with what gender means to them. I think American society's strict adherence to socially constructed gender "norms" is just plain silliness.

People think E's a girl all the time (less now with his shorter hair) and he never even bats an eyelash, and has never seemed confused about who he is.

Good for you for letting him explore without judgment.

Cindy said...

Jayme, been meaning to ask you about Eli. He's so darn pretty I kind of assumed people often mistook him for a girl. :)

My little honey has always preferred females so it's natch he does this. Boys are just yucky. Except ours. :D

As my second replier said, gender bending is cool!

JMom said...

I am a Mom of 5 year old triplets (BBG) in Georgia. I found you while doing a google search for an Ethiopian costume for my daughter for a school project. Just wanted to say bless you!!! What an awesome family story.

FrogMom said...

One of F's best friends at school is a boy who mostly played with the girls up until this year. I think all three of my kids have a huge crush on him. He is a rock star around here and a frequent topic of dinner time conversation. What girl wouldn't love a boy who enjoys playing Barbies, Princesses, and whose favorite movie is Mama Mia? They are in second grade now though and sadly since the beginning of the school year he hasn't been hanging with the girls as much.

My B is kind of the opposite. She is as likely to dress like a firefighter or Spiderman as a princess. The other day she was running around in her spidersuit doing kung-fu kicks and literally kissing her muscles. It was so awesome. And T prefers boys' briefs to girls' underpants. It is so fun to discuss these "rules" when they come home telling me another kid told them one thing or another is "only for boys" or "only for girls". I always tell them kids get enough rules from grown-ups. Why would they want to listen to more rules that kids make up for each other?

Jen said...

I found you via Jayme's blog roll, I think. I have twin boys born 8/04. I LOVE seeing pictures of your chubby guys! It reminds me of that sweet stage with my boys.

Anyway, mine did tons of dressing up in skirts and dresses and wearing makeup. One of mine still really likes having his nails painted but someone told him that's for girls, which made him feel embarrassed. :( We told him lots of boys paint their nails, especially rock stars, which made him feel a little better.

It seems people are much more comfortable with girls taking on boy roles than they are with boys taking on girl roles.

Anyway, I am trying to find a comprehensive story of your connection with the boys. I'm curious -- were they premature? I know they are very healthy but it's purely curiosity. How did you happen to be chosen to get them? They are gorgeous!