Mar 15, 2010


(Early morning after breakfast ragamuffins.)

"I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him ... and pat him and pat him ... and love him and caress him..."

If you recognize this quote and get my blog title, then you watch Looney Tunes and read Steinbeck. You rock.

If Tsega loves you, he has probably squeezed you to crying. If all three love you, run. Love does hurt. Especially in numbers. I kid. Savor it and consider yourself (*gasp, choke, sob*) too lucky for words.

See Tsega's tight lips? This means he is really feeling the love. You lucky Bereket you.

Tsega, stop pulling the dog's ears until he cries. I know, I know, they are sooo pull-able. Yes, you love him a lot, I can tell by your lips.


Anonymous said...

I love the fact that two of your boys are in cute stripey matching PJ's and Tsega is sitting next to them buck-naked! I'm really glad my kid isn't the only one to boycott clothes on a regular basis.

Cindy said...

Abby - It's hard keeping *any* of the boys in clothes! What we really have to watch is public stripping/peeing! :D

Mama Papaya said...

Dude. Your big boy is ripped. I can picture him bench pressing the other two.

Think this might be my favorite series of your three.

Lauren said...

they are entirely WAY too cute.

Sara said...

Soooooo cute. :)

ethiograndma said...

Mama Papaya made me laugh!

Brooke said...

You must have a fast shutter camera to get these action shots! Too cute.