Mar 23, 2010


Bereket is The Letter King. It all started with a video my mom sent the boys eons ago. She doesn't even remember. Yeah, right, like videos teach kids, uh-huh. The only thing Sesame Street taught my kids so far is how to stuff food in their faces as fast and furious as they can while growling (it took us a long time to break Cookie Monster manners, I kid not). So sometimes there we are getting all crazy before school and I'll pop in a video, many times The Letter Factory. A perfect 20 minutes or so that allows us to finish processing the boys.

Something soaked in, because I'd hear Bereket singing to the tune of high-ho-the-merrio, The D goes "duh", the D goes "duh", blabber blabber blabber, the D goes "duh". (Or more like, de e oh duh). Then he started freaking me out by recognizing, pointing, and naming letters like within a few weeks of starting preschool. Oh, get off it, so your kid has been doing this before he walked. La-de-da.

OK, sorry about the attitude. Yeah, no, I don't school my kids much. Our particular triplet household is not conducive . . . we break down into wrestling mode at the slightest hint of organization. And I don't need to go into the language delays again, which makes his lettering extra special. Anyway, then he freaked me further by spontaneously drawing letters. His teachers didn't even realize he could do all that. Anyway, his love holds (Sira too, not so much Tsega) and his penmanship is lovely.

He sees letters in his body and objects too.

Look mommy, look. "Y"

(Did you notice those cute little teeth topping his cute little smile? I always liked that about him.)

Look mommy, look. "K"

(Dude needs improvement at drawing K.)

Look mommy, look. "I"

And to prove a point, learning morphs to wrestling. And this is why they separate into 3 different classrooms and why homeschooling is out (ha, as if I'd be up to task anyway).

In the words of Bereket, Uh-buh-by, Cookie, buh-by-eeee. (You got me.)
Side note: Cookie used to be Loo-la, as in, uh-buh-byeee Loo-la. (Again, you got me.)

Oh, a little over a year ago I videoed a certain cookie monster. Oh my, the chubbiness and short hair and bad manners, where did it all go?


Meg said...

Hello! I've been checking in on your blog for awhile now, but don't think I have ever commented! Your boys are just wonderful and I really enjoy watching your journey. We are with WHFC waiting for sibs 0-4 and I pass the time by reading all the Ethiopian adoption blogs! I love your honest assessments of your world, it's helpful as we too prepare for sibs... and having total cutie pie monsters with amazing curls doesn't hurt either =)
Meg B-Chicago

Catharine said...

Hello! I read your blog early on and lost track of where it was. My mom fell in love with your three boys....we are just leaving to visit our baby on back in two weeks, if all goes well.

those boys are lovable! Triplet power!

catharine in CA