May 7, 2007

Triplets Out and In Public

This is one way we transport 3 babies out in public (old picture of me with Tsega in Ethiopia). I carry or wear one baby, Jerry somehow holds the other two with one typically in a car seat. It worked well while in Ethiopia.

And people thought we would never make it home from Ethiopia by ourselves with three babies. . . little faith. Airport luggage carts can make great car seat holders with the right men's belt, by the way.

Here's another. Looks like something out of Dr. Seuss. We've almost outgrown this triplet stroller and looking for alternatives (maybe something less conspicuous?).

I don't recommend holding babies this way and I told Jerry not to do this (no babies were harmed in the making of this picture).

So what's it like going out in public with triplet babies? We don't go out much I have to sadly admit (don't feel too sorry, our 5 country acres are more fun and enriching than town anyway). It's so much work with three babies in terms of getting everybody ready, transporting and juggling three, and then there's the public. Sweet adoring fans surround us everywhere we go but it's hard being a celebrity. Don't get me wrong, these babies can really get the good in people to shine through and I have to admit it's kind of fun being the center of attention (Jerry and I look at couples with a mere one or two babies with such pity, lol!). . . but just remember to never tell me that we got our hands full or that you are "glad it's you and not me" (to which Jerry will reply, "that makes six of us"). Watch this hilarious youtube video I ran across of another triplet family and you'll see what it's like.


lara said...

that buggy is amazing , i never ventured far when my 3 were small , but if i did i carried one and pushed the other 2 .

*~JESSIE~* said...

I love that picture of Jerry holding the babies. That cracks me up.

Jen and Dan said...

OMG that picture of Jerry holding the babies is too funny. I love it and the caption that states "no babies were hurt while making this picture". I can just see Dan doing the same thing. Hilarious!

blondie said...

Hi from Australia! I pop in now and again to drool over your boys - love the recent photos and film.

I always wondered how you guys went out in public - its like you need another pair of arms each. :)