May 7, 2007

Don't Touch Me!

Bereket is just coming out of his "don't touch me" phase. During this phase just about anytime a baby hand touched him he started crying. And he always knew when it was his brother's hands vs. a welcomed mama or papa hand. Of course he entered this phase right when Tsega started grabbing his brothers for squeezes and kisses. He seems to be coming out of it and is starting to enjoy his brother's company again. He and Sira crawled around together all weekend. Where one would go, the other would follow. At one point I think they were playing tag or peek-a-boo around the dining room table.

Tsega is now crawling, by the way (yay! and standing like a pro), and will soon follow his brothers around the house as he picks up the pace; that is, if he can stand parting with his favorite person (me!). It's like watching little puppy dogs wrestling around together on the floor. They're all so darn cute!

On a side note, Sira opened his first cabinet. We watched him crawl towards the bad cabinet (the one under the sink with all the cleaning supplies. . .yeah, I know, baby proofing!) reach up, grab the handle and pull it open like he knew excatly what he was doing.

Here's some more grainy action shorts. The first is of all three (notice I mix up Bereket and Sira in the beginning) and Tsega showing his brotherly love, sort of. The second is Bereket and Sira showing off their crawling skills as they chase mama around the room (until the bouncy chair becomes more appealing).


Chandra said...

They are soooo cute!! Love the video footage of them :)

Chandra (fellow CHSFS member)

a&mg said...

I'm new to your site, and have to tell you that the babies are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing some of your story with all of us.

Kirsten said...

Hello, your sons are simply gorgeous!!! My husband and I are considering Ethiopian adoption and are at the very beginning of the process. Would you mind (if you have a spare moment) emailing me. My name is Kirsten Hany and I am in Bloomington, Illinois. My email address is

I would also be very interested in knowing how you were able to get a set of multiples. We have decided that we would like a sibling set of 2-3, but I am also interested in multiples. Thank you in advance!!

Kellie said...

Love the videos, Cindy! I particularly love the first one, when it appears towards the end that you are under attack.

Ruth said...

What beautiful boys you have. I just found your site via the twins message board post you left. I have twin girls, age 3.5 years old, home from Guatemala for 7+ months and 3 other daughters as well.


Erica said...

Hi Cindy! I found your blog through the "adopt twins" yahoo group. I'm a mom to two "virtual twins" from Guatemala, and I bow down to awesome triplet parenting skills, LOL!

The triplets are gorgeous, congratulations!

TaiwanMommy said...

They are precious boys to be sure.

We don't have triplets, but our twins (adopted from Taiwan) are only 17 months younger than their sister (bio born). We bought a Peg Perego triplet stroller second hand for only $250. (Craig's List or Ebay are good options, also, if your area has a parents of multiples group, that's a great source. The stroller breaks down well, isn't too heavy and can be configured forward or rear facing (or combo) and also set up for two if Daddy is along to carry one. We've been very pleased with it. I;d send it your way, but as we plan to adopt a son from Taiwan next year, I can't part with it.

There are photos on the blog, so you can see what we have. They're about 1k new, so looking for used is worth it.