Jun 29, 2007

10 Things About Me

Although this blog is devoted to my sweet triplets, I decided to devote this post to ME. I'm copy catting Jayme on this one (man her twins are cute!). Here are 10 things about me that you may not know and probably don't need to know.
1. I never met a cat I didn't like. . . except one (she was scary and attacked my feet).
2. I flunked 9th grade.
3. I have a PhD, I'm a biologist, and I work in plant breeding. (Did you see #2? He-he!)

The essence of what I do (do you know what these are?). . .

4. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Central African Republic.
5. When I was 13 I saw Johnny Rotten in concert when he was still with P.I.L. with my two buddies (Melissa, are you reading?) and no parents at the Olympic Auditorium in good ol' L.A. He sang two Sex Pistols songs and I thought I'd die from euphoria.
6. Don't shudder. . . I think the first baby I ever held was one of my triplets. Seriously, the mommy desire didn't hit until a few years ago.
7. I love to belly dance and I'm a pretty good tap dancer.
8. I'm not afraid of snakes (although I'm not particularly fond either). I saw cobras in the wild in Hong Kong. A green mamba fell out of a tree right in front of me and one almost flopped from my thatched ceiling onto my bed as I was looking up at it (this was in C.A.R. and they were everywhere and yes, they are deadly!). I once tried to pick up a harmless snake and fling it outside when everybody was screeching at it and it bit me. People still tell that story, lol!
9. I hug trees.
10. I suffer from terrible bed-head in the mornings!


Kathe Gray said...


I've been following your blog for a couple of months now. My partner and I are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia -- twins, we hope -- so it's been really encouraging to read how fortunate you feel to have triplets. And to see how lucky you are through your photos and videos.

Anyway, thanks for sharing a few details about yourself. It's hard not to be curious about someone who's travelling down a similar road to the one you hope to be travelling on soon.

Stacie said...

I love #5 - although I'm a bit jealous... what I would have done to see them when I was 15!! :) Glad to know more about you since I've been lurking for a while - your boys are all adorable!

Angela :-) said...

7. I love to belly dance and I'm a pretty good tap dancer.

I read "lap" dancer. LOL Well, it goes w/ belly dancing, kind of. LOL

Angela :-)