Jun 26, 2007


I've been behind the prairie curtain for awhile (kids and all) and busy with family and work. I'm pooped. I lost my camera for awhile and just found it so will post new photos soooooon . . . Here's a quick update since I last saw you all.

The boys turned THE BIG ONE last Saturday, June 23. Grampa got them a video camera and gramma got them several retro pull toys, a xylophone, and a push popper and push melody chime. We got them a push red flyer wagon. I actually stopped after a few toys because the boys were getting wild (I'll save some for Christmas). Jerry was not cooperative when it came to singing happy birthday. Let's not put him in charge of future birthdays. We, my parents, and my brother (in town visiting) all went out to dinner and the boys ate about 3 bites of cake (despite my brother's and Jerry's protests--geesh what's up with everybody!?).

Tsega walks. . . sort of. It's more like two-stepping. Although I think I counted 6 steps last night. He raises into standing without pulling up. He looks like Frankenstein rising; lifts his torso from all fours while in a bear crawl position. That's right--the baby who lagged behind in motor skills walks first. Sira stands up like this occasionally and all three boys are letting go and free standing, but I think Bereket and Sira have a little while until walking.

Despite their official cross over to toddlerhood last Saturday, Bereket and Sira are still babies. They're small, buttery, bald, and pinchable. Tsega is looking more grown up and thrashes around the house in full force. All are on constant move. They crawl around the house together gathering around toys and legs. There's more crying and screeching these days. Seems like somebody is always getting into trouble being so mobile, or they're knocking each other down or stealing toys, or just trying to be the loudest. Bereket and Sira keep switching off being the neediest; one of these two is sure to cry if Jerry or me leaves the room. Tsega's got this biting thing going (I think he sees bulls eyes on top of his brother's bald heads) but he's getting better and responding to "no". Yes, we have introduced that word into our boys' lives, but we use is sparingly. They're just babies, they don't know what they're doing (I think!).

I am a tad worried about language. Not a single word has been said purposefully. Lots of babbling and mama dada, but no discriminate speech yet. I suspect they spend so much time babbling back and forth, they are picking up babbles and not real words. Time to up the reading now that the boys don't eat as much books as they used to.

Bereket and Sira each have 2 teeth on the bottom and two on top with more cutting through. Tsega has two bottom teeth and two uppers are on their way. Tsega's hair is getting fuller and his curls are getting tighter but remain soft. Bereket and Sira are still legally bald but a few areas are getting fuzzier. OK, here's a funny tidbit. . . our nanny who was born and raised in Uganda, insists Tsega is getting lighter. I don't think it's true, but imagine the dirty looks a white person would get if they said that (you know what I mean!). All boys are mastering the cup (sans spill proof lids) and bottle weaning has not begun.

The local paper did a story on us and the triplets. Several Kansas papers have picked up the story. Click here for a link to a shortened version.

It's been 7 months since we met our boys. I think I can finally say with real confidence that our boys are well attached to us. The process continues, but I am definitely seeing the signs. They love us :).

Maybe this wasn't a "quick" update afterall.

Peace out.


paige said...

So glad you're back--I've missed the updates. Many happy returns x 3 to your toddlers!

lara said...

happy birthday to your boys hope you had a fun day, thanks for posting love the update.

lara said...

The article in the paper is lovely.

Kellie said...

Happy bday, boys!

I LOVE that Tsega is the first to walk! That is so funny. I wouldn't stress too much about the language. I don't think Helen's Mamama-ing is discriminate either, although I have moments where I am able to convince myself otherwise. Besides, they are too busy buzzing around the house and terrorizing each other to learn how to talk, right? It sounds like they are doing great!

Kellie said...

PS Have you tried out that new video camera yet? I'd love to see Tsega's two step!

Mrs. Captain said...

Happy Birthday boys! Thanks to Mom for the update..I just mentioned to someone today.."no update for a while..just can't imagine what she's doing..!!!" TEE HEE!!

Will look forward to new video and pics when ya get a chance - since so many of us in cyberland are addicted to happiness updates.

Sounds heavenly. Good wishes to you all,
Waitin' for Referral!

Mama Papaya said...

Happy belated birthday boys. And welcome back! Missed you guys. :)

Mom of 5 said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday !!