Jun 29, 2007

Tsega's Sagas

This post is for you Tsega, my quirky little baby.

Tsega is social, muscly, rough, and stimulated. He sleeps great but is usually the last asleep after bouncing all over the house. We often just take him to bed, turn off the lights, and hope he gets the hint. Everybody wants to play and talk with Tsega while his shyer brothers freeze in the company of strangers (literally freeze with wide-eyed stares).

Tsega hugs me so tight while grabbing my hair and "kissing" (or rather chomping) my chin that it hurts. I had to help a nine year old girl get untangled from his intense love. He plays nice with brothers these days when he doesn't bite (he doesn't mean any harm, he's a lover).

Naughty boy went from gumming to biting, teeth marking the transition. The slobber marks on top of brother's heads are tell-tell (yikes, a "biter", but he's getting better).

He also shook and rolled his head all crazy for awhile but seems to have stopped this in favor of twiddling his lips for sound effect. I don't know how to describe, but everyone has done this. You use your finger and flick your lips up and down while humming and it makes a cool sound (does anybody know what I'm talking about. . . we need a word for this activity). And he itches his ear with a cocked head (he's done this since homecoming), leading people to believe he has an ear infection (his ears are fine).

He is our quirkiest babe so far!

Tsega is a hotty in case you haven't noticed. As my nanny tells me all the time, the girls will be calling for you pretty soon, my dear.

Tsega loves screeching and hearing his voice. Watch as I intentionally get Tsega's screech out (his brothers sleeping in back of him never woke up).


Anonymous said...

He sounds like an awesome personality!

Brooke said...

just caught up on reading! can't believe you've been home seven months. I've been lurking on your blog since you started it and your blog was one of the one's I showed my family when we started our process! the boys are just adorable! love that bathtub pic a few posts back!

lara said...

he is a real munchkin ,so adorable

Kellie said...

Love him!

Cindy, we are going to have to find each other at some point at the picnic because I am dying for a photo of Tsega and Tsehai together. The photo you posted of him with the binkie in his mouth looks so much like my girl it is crazy.

Maybe there is some truth to your missing quad theory....:)

Tarah said...

:) Your boys are so amazingly cute! OK, I still ask that Tezeta gets dibs on one!!

Jen and Dan said...

I loved this blog and Tsega in his high pitched voice.. that was awesome Cindy! LOL Although probably a bit hard on the ears. I also loved the pic of the 2 boys eyes wide open and frozen, it was great. : )

Angela :-) said...

Yay, my computer finally let me read this post w/ out freezing.

:-) Thanks for sharing!