Aug 14, 2007

Bereket in a Box

Does Bereket not look like a doll on display at a toy store in this picture?

Everybody's doing it, as cliché at it seems. You got to take at least one (or a dozen) box picture of your baby. Right now the diaper box is among the favorite toys. Bereket and Sira like to push it all around the house or prop it up and play "throne". Sira gives Bereket a thumb up for poise.

It looks below they are playing magic box (turn it round and around to make sure it is solid with no chance of escaping to fool your audience).

In fact they're pushing everything around the house lately; must be that push-wagon I got them. They shop around the house, pushing the wagon, box, or chair and toss items in the "basket" as they go; a block, binky, book, whatever catches their fancy.

And when they tire of pushing, climb in for a rest.


LISA said...

I'll take what's in the box! LOL!
Looks like they're feeling better!

Eileen and Jerry Mestas said...

They are soooo.. cute!!! How amazing that you got triplets! We are getting a sibling group of 3 from Ethiopia. 5 month old identical twin girls and their 2 year old brother. We are soo.. Excited!!! We will now have 8 children. Two sets of twins!(girls and boys.)

Tarah said...

I have to say, your pictures make me realize that I am not tired. Your three are so cute!!! Tezeta is easy and just one, but oh my... Love the pics

Chatter said...

Cindy, I want to eat them up. They are soooooo cute :) Honestly, how do you get anything done? I would just sit and stare, take pictures, and smile and watch them some more. Too cute!! Thanks for all the pics; I love them! Looks like the box was a big hit.

lmstephenson said...

Your boys are too cute! I love coming to your site and seeing your pictures. My five year old still plays with empty diaper boxes. Thanks for sharring your everyday life with everyone.

(TTC Adoption blog)

Chris and Christina said...

Cindy - is that hair I detect on your two former "baldies"? As usual, your kiddos are adorable. Keep the posts coming!

Angel said...

SO ADORABLE! Who needs toys when you can have a box??? They are cute in a major way. Angel