Aug 14, 2007

High Chair Clichés

While I'm on the subject of clichés, one must show ample pictures of babies in high chairs (I'll save the spaghetti pictures for later--or rather spaghetti on the floor as Tsgea prefers it).

I remember the days of new motherhood and ideas of a germ-free world when each baby got his own cute little baby bowl and separate spoon. . . now it's one big communal bowl and mama uses one spoon (although typically I use several spoons as each baby snatches one from me and will not let go again) to dish out bites for baby one, then baby two, then baby three, and back to baby one again (with mama sneaking bites in between). Oh, and don't feed baby out of turn, they know.

Ahhhh, the sweet baby (Bereket) who saved afternoon nap until dinner.

Oops, we woke him up.

The Messy Baby with a neck full of saliva (Tsega) showing me where to direct the next bite (so much saliva these days from all three!).

Another messy baby; a little lower Sira.

What's food without a little fur in it? And the cat volunteered his services, I did not put him up to it. I was wondering why it got so quiet out there while I prepared their food in the kitchen--thanks Marty.

Apparently cat doesn't taste so good.

Really, my babies do have clothes. But hot and humid days and messy eating require diapers only. Well, actually, Tsega wears bottoms again. Tsega-mega learned to open the velcro on his diapers and seems he prefers to be Au Natural.


Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Oh I remember trying to feed both babies fast enough so that they wouldn't cry before I could get to them. I think I'd tucked that out of my mind for a while!

Dani said...

I wondered if your boys HAD any clothes! ;)

Cindy said...

Oh, yes, Dani, they indeed have drawers full of the cutest little baby clothes. Clothes I cannot stand to see get stained up with orange and green food (maybe I should stick with orange and green clothes!).

And why bother dressing them in identical outfits (if anybody has noticed that I rarely do), since I have to change their clothes at least twice a day (unless matching diapers count)!?


Life in Fitzville said...

I just love checking in here to see your pictures... too cute! And I am a big fan of no clothes while feeding. One trick I learned for a diaper remover... put it on backwards and they can't reach the tabs.

Angel said...

Ahhhh clothes are overrated! :0) Angel

Kellie said...

Love these!

Helen has recently also been practicing the art of diaper removal. I think that pic will have to be sent to you via private email though...