Nov 14, 2007

Tagged, I'm "It"

Tagged! By two people I see. . . thanks Cindy & Sarah. OK, I've been putting this off, so here goes the boring details.

Jobs I’ve had:
Scientist (not had, have) for a groovy non-profit and radical environmental organization
Tree inspector (for lack of better descriptor) for Pacific Gas & Electric
Math Teacher (Peace Corps)
Library page (I won't get into the other, countless low wage jobs I entertained as an adolescent from pizza to videos--this is when I learned I preferred jobs in which I can wear whatever I want and barely speak to people.)

Places I have lived (in this order):
Redlands, CA
Humboldt County (oh, yeah!), CA
Central African Republic (again, Peace Corps, see purple star above, this is the village of Gamboula where I lived)
Mendocino, CA
Pullman, WA
Central Kansas (now)

Food I love:
Hot peppers
Garlic & ginger
Grains and starch
Popcorn with chocolate at same time

Places I’d rather be:
Somewhere in Sub Saharan Africa bumping along through dust and livestock or spotting wildlife I've never seen before. Or more specifically, in Harar watching Ethiopians feed hyenas with their mouths (next time).

Movies I love (this one's tough, so many, yet I can barley sit through a two hour movie anymore!):
La Strada
Godfather I & II
Harold & Maude
Midnight Cowboy
All That Jazz
Drugstore Cowboy
About 10 Woody Allen movies
I better stop here. . . (OK, mostly older films!)

TV shows I watch (we only have 2.5 channels!):
So You Think You Can Dance?
Hell's Kitchen
Reruns of Seinfeld and Raymond
The Shield (when is the next season coming to video!?)

Books I love:
Catcher in the Rye (hey, I read it when I was 13 and angst and it was the first book to ever kick me in the gut like that)
Crime and Punishment
The Survival of Jan Little (wow!)
There's No Me Without You

Music I love:
Tom Waits
XM radio's Starbucks channel and Beyond Jazz channel
Jazz in general (especially old style with that low, smokey percussion)

People I tag:
I can't seem to find anybody to tag who hasn't already been tagged. Angela, as in Angela and Lamar, I'll tag you, you're it.

1 comment:

Courtney said...

Wow! I am so excited to have found your site! My name is Courtney- my husband and I just decided this morning to officially put all of our efforts into an Ethiopian adoption. I think I've been online now for about 4 hours- buying books, looking at pictures, reading blogs, etc. etc.

Your boys are FABULOUS!

I'm originally from Wichita- so it was an extra special treat to see that you live in Salina. I hope to check in more often on your site- your photos have gotten me VERY excited!