Dec 2, 2008

Family Songs

This is one of those posts that was born to serve my failing memory and not so much to entertain my readers. Still, you gotta think: how corny.

Tsega: King of the Wild Frontier
-Lyrics by Dada

Tsega, Tsega
King of the wild frontier.
He crossed the river
He climbed the mountain
He rode the prairie
He was Tsega of the wild frontier.

Tsega, Tsega
King of the wild frontier.
He trapped the bobcat
He trapped the beaver
He trapped the coyote
And he made friends with them all.

He was Tsega of the wild frontier.


Why Tsega? Because he was a writhing screeching piece of work as an infant and required ultra soothing. The song worked and also worked the fussiness out of his personality. But one can replace Tsega with any child's name as we do in our house. My favorite part is "and he made friends with them all". Good job Dada.

Boom Boom Bah
-Lyrics by Bereket
Performed by All Three in Unison (this is important, you need at least a duet for effective strength, emphasis, and harmony)

Ah-boom boom BAH (heavy emphasis on the BA)
boom boom BAH
boom boom BAH
boom boom BAH
(repeat chorus three times)

Bik a Bik a Bee
-Lyrics by Tsega

Bik a Bik a Bee
Bik a Bik a Bee
Bik a Bik a Bee

Feel free to expose your family shame, err I mean family song, in the comments. :)


MotherMotherOcean said...

I like your family songs.
We sing "Zoo-bee-doo-bee-doo, exchanging glances" to "Strangers in the night"

Lauren said...

Who's the border collie? Is it wait it doesn't look like him. Forget the triplets...what about the dogs!!!?! I'm just kidding...sort of.

Cindy said...

Is that you Lauren? Hi ya!!!!! :)

Aww, I knew somebody would ask about Oso. Yes beautiful dog (Aust Shepard) and so polite and sweet, but not ours. We were doggy sitting. You know he's not ours because he is so properly behaved!

We have an old red bone coon hound (Clementine) and some sort of mut hound (Louie). They run wild in the country all day and sleep at our toes all night. Sweet hearts they are. But then, you knew that!

paige said...

We sing "Bicycle Built for 2" to Astrid Meklit, rather than boring old Daisy, and we always sang Edelweiss to Elliott but never to Astrid Meklit 8 years later. Why? I don't know. I guess it was Elliott's song.

Lauren said...

Hey Cindy, yep it's me Lauren. Oso looks awesome! Hope you had a great turkey day!

Josh, Amy, Olivia, Josiah, Girum, Tarikwa, and Taye said...

To the tune of "Chicka-boom, Chicka-boom, don't you just love it"....if that is indeed a song (as I type it, I realize that my parents used to sing that to me from time to time....maybe they made it up....I think they heard it somewhere though...hmmmmm), we sing "Sweet Girum" (pronouncing it Gear-oooom) "Sweet Girum, yes I just love my sweet girum, sweet girum....." etc.

Mae said...

Hello there,
Somehow I linked onto this from someone else and their Ethiopian adoption experience. I was looking for a more AA experience. Your boys are absolutely beautiful. I guess my question to you is how will you raise three black boys to men? (sorry for the musical reference) :)

And I don't mean the "through love"

I'm a little confused of how nothing in this blog is representative of the diversity in your lives ( other than the children)

Maybe I haven't gotten through the rest of your blog to see your diverse neighborhood or your social gatherings involving your black friends or other POC.

How do whites address these issues? So far no one has given me a concrete answer.

Cindy said...

Mae, this is an intentional *light* blog that focuses on my children mainly; fluffy, cute, funny, triplet, kid stuff. I purposely chose to leave out discussions of heavy complex issues here (race, adoption issues) that go beyond the day to day of what life is like raising and loving triplet boys. The purpose here is journaling so I can look back and remember special moments of when my boys were little and how I felt about it all. I leave the stuff that eats at us out and keep it private between Jerry and me (my boys are only 2).

If you don't like that and are looking for answers to deeper social issues, like how to empower black children with racial pride; how to diversify white lives; basically how to successfully raise black and adopted children by doing A, B, and C, then this is not the place to look. But if you thought for one moment that I (me!) would ever answer any question by simply replying "through love" (or through God or through faith), then you do not know me! :) You won’t see, however, very many pictures outside of the home with friends and neighbors because of our country, rural lifestyle; we are typically all alone as a family surrounded by country, not people of any color. I hope you did see, however, my recent trek to Ethiopia (second one) as summarized on this blog to at least show that I do indeed have an interest outside of my little white America.

Further, I wish I had the answers to your important and hard questions, but I really don't and don't believe anybody does beyond the usual suggestions. We have entered hard territory: adoption, transracial adoption, and transcontinental/cultural adoption at that. Rest assured however, that these same questions you mention are never far from our own thoughts. These are our late night discussions between Jerry and Me; the things that jolt us awake at 3 am. We will act upon these questions but we also realize that even if we do everything beyond the power, there is no simple “recipe” out there. No way to stop pain if the pain must be felt and the things that ache one’s soul as our boys are forever in a different context than their ancestors and black peers; contexts Jerry and me could never fully understand. Jerry and I received the perfect gift; but obviously our children, because they lost their first family, country, and culture, did not. Adoption is an imperfect world. Not everybody is up for the task and the question of whether or not I or You are up for it? Perhaps takes a lifetime to answer . . .

Blessings to you and all of our soul searchings . . .

Cindy said...

Mae again--

Allow me to direct you to two internet disscussion boards where the harder discussions like you are looking for take place. You will see there are a lot of stupid people out there as well as the not-so-stupid. :0)

But at least the discussions are happening (in between the fluff and pure adoption talk). . .

Again, this blog is for ultra cute purposes only. :) I started it because my heart was bursting and I just wanted to share my joy and keep the connections with other Ethiopia adopters alive.

MoonDog said...

we dont have a song, but we have SUPER POWERS! We have 4 kids and the two youngest were ALWAYS into things and one was telling the other to do it. SO they each put in a hand and say IM THE BRAINS! the next one says IM THE BRAUN! I put my hand in and say IM THE MOM! and then we toss our fists in the air and say ENBERGPOWER UNITE!

The Pedersens said...

Hi Cindy - I have been following your blog for a little over a year now and I love it...everything about it...your beautiful family, your expressive writing, and now your family songs! My husband, Jorgen, and I are waiting for a referral from CHSFS for an infant boy. Jorgen makes up songs all of the time for our cats. And just this morning, as he was improving a wake up song, we both started daydreaming about what songs he'll make up for son. So reading this post made me smile!