Dec 2, 2008

Happy Plasma Christmas

Santa came early and brought three Plasma Cars. (Thanks mom!) First one arrived in pretty red. The boys were beyond thrilled. Then it hid until number two arrived in sparkling blue. I don’t think I need to tell you why we hid one until another arrived.

Then we had two. About an hour of hissy fits later it was clear that the two needed to go into hiding until the day after Thanksgiving when I could rush out into the material hungry crowds and purchase number three (also in pretty red—the only one in the store). What a sad day when you look into tear streaked cheeks while prying little fingers apart and ripping toys from them for the sake of non-violence.

Then we had three and we were happy.

Did I really think two cars would be enough? Remember, Tsega's attention span is barely long enough for any toy. You never know with multiples and I never get three of any toy until I am sure everybody will play with it at the same time, all the time, and the item is deemed as highly needed for happiness and peace. (Shhh, the other grandma Santa is shoving three tricycles down the chimney! Baby's first trikey, how sweet.).

I just want my boys to be happy through things. That’s a joke.

About the Plasma Cars. They gain momentum by moving the steering wheel side to side and turn the wheel 180 degrees and you are in reverse. No feet required. My boys haven't figured out the physics yet, but for now they are happy to race around the house using leg power. They are the most fun toy my babes have played with so far, especially for car loving freaks like Sira and Bereket. They are simple yet ingenious; fast and smooth; great for inside on wood or tile floors. They are the perfect all season solution for getting those aggressions out. I don't care if they strip the floor finish off, they are staying. And they hold 240 pounds! You bet I tried it and my wieght stripped that section of the floor clean.

Oh what fun is this Christmas. First year the boys recognize Santa Clause, identify a Christmas tree for what it is, and find utter glee in presents. Not to mention I have somebody to watch all those silly Christmas movies and cartoons with now that they are hooked on videos (good job mama). And we got brave this year and got a Christmas tree. We realized, what's the worst that could happen, it's just a (dying) tree. Who cares if they knock it down or drag the lights off. I can't imagine saying no, stop that anymore than we already do. We did, however, decide to stop at lights and say no to ornaments, except for pretty red Christmas bows. Wise choice and a darn pretty tree.

Now for another Friend's Video (somebody calls them that--I love it): Plasma Car Demo.


Melissa said...

I love those cars! I tried one out at the toy store, and my guy Jonah didn't want to get off either. How fun!
Jonah's three and recognizes Santa, but will call any man with a big grey beard "Santa," including two different homeless men we've seen (excellent!).

Nancy said...

Oh to be at your house! It must be a carnival every day. Those are some pretty neat looking cars. Nice find grandma!

jayme said...

I love plasma cars! they were originally on the twins' Christmas list, until Elijah became so obsessed with trains and I realized that we just don't have the space for any more rolling toys in the winter. Hopefully for their birthday.

I love the video of your boys, and their guided tour of your home!

Mark and Sarah said...

Love the video!!! Wow, what a crazy fun crew. Good thing you have lots of hardwood floor to roll around on!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy, why no live sound on that video?? ;)
Too cute!

Christina said...


Thank you SOOOO much for posting that video.

Anonymous said...

That is really funny about the tree. we put ours up on a tall table. It looks ridiculous but a certain kid cannot get near it.

Sara said...

How fun! I cracked up watching all three boys pile onto the one car.

Ginger said...

I can't believe I've never seen these cars! My son will love one...good thing his birthday is in January because Christmas is already taken care of. I just love that video of your boys and laughed the whole time watching!

Dani said...

O Mi! I was dying laughing the whole time, I had to watch again to catch everything. At least they all got a turn at it didn't they?! Even wiping out didn't stop them much. And the music fits perfectly.
Thanks for the laugh! They are so stinking cute! It's going to be fun watching them tear into everything for Christmas. Season's Tidings from us here in Guam.

Kari:) said...

LOL!!! That was so NEED to turn that into a video contest asap!! :)
Did your family by any chance use...Adoption & Beyond (Steffany Aye) We were in your area & saw triplet boys on her bulletin board! We have an 11 mo old girl from Ethiopia:)
Congrats on your boys!!

Crazy mom said...

Love, LOVE the video! Great choice of music to go with it, too!

Kimberley said...

I haven't check out your blog is a long time!!! The boys are getting soo big! I had to laugh as one would drive and the other two would pile on belly first and hold on until the last toe let go before chasing again!! Boys!!