Sep 24, 2009

All About Me

So, what about Mama? (Yeah, so what about mama. It's about the kids now, honey.) Last heard, she was in a community theater production of 42nd Street.

Bottom left hand corner is me. Weird.

Oh yeah, that. It was fabulous and exhausting and my marriage suffered greatly throughout. We are all nicer now that time and rest has healed our wounds. So I kind of neglected the house and kind of let Jerry take the burden of just about everything and he kind of hated me for it. Oh well, guess I'm just that kind of person. Love me. I am back to dance class (and singing lessons too and oh, acting class as well!) and still lovin it and gosh it's nice to have left behind a few pounds this summer. And gosh, I could not have picked a better time to break my foot just as the show ended and before classes begun.

Yeah, I broke my foot about 2 months ago and it still hurts and I still limp. Do NOT mix wine with TV's So You Think You Can Dance while one babe is swinging in your arms as another lays in your dancing path. Pretty soon you are overly confident twirling away and you drop your baby smack on the floor as you trip all over another one and there you are lying on the ground laughing at your fool-self, screaming in pain, and comforting scared babies (they were fine!). Damn that hurt.

Not long after that I developed a beautiful double ear infection. Too much hotel swimming pool and catching jumping babies left my ears full of pain-inflicting bacteria. It still feels like a tiny balloon is inside my left ear. Sweet.

Poppie with his grandsons.

What an amazing summer it was indeed.

But wait, more good news. Jerry and I are going to NYC next week and here's the cream: sweet, adorable, gracious MIL is staying with the kids here. That means J and I all alone for 4 nights!!! I am just way too lucky. :)

Oh, yeah, and as for Jerry . . . well, the BIG journal Nature named him as "one of five crop researchers who could change the world". He's our token Messiah here at work. Whatever.


Lauren said...

Hey Cindy! Are the boys particular about which clothes they wear? They didn't seem to care when I very briefly babysat...

Cherise said...

I read your blog often but don't post much. I just wanted to say a big congratulations to Jerry! As a scientist, I can fully appreciate what an amazing honor that is. Kudos to him!!!

And I really really enjoy your blog. I'm in love with your adorable boys!

Kerry and Tom said...

okay are those kids of yours really that big??????????????? they are growing so fast i cannot believe it.

Paula said...

Crop Messiah? That would make him a true celebrity in our neck of the woods... eastern Nebraska. Congratulations on your dramatic achievements as well. Your boys are adorable and I'm in love with all blogs with Ethiopian multiples.

Autumn and Dan's family said...

Great post. I love the broken foot story, but not the broken foot part.

Evelyn said...

Wow! Impressive mom & dad you two are! Have fun in NYC!