Sep 10, 2009

PJ Day

Kids, backpacks, shoes, toy cars, hair, and unread notes falling out of backpacks piling up on me this morning, and I realize, it's pajama day today for one the boys. Which one? From which backpack did this fall? No date, no teacher name, only the para's names (who remembers them?).

Bereket naked with junk

So after some clever sleuthing, we figure out it's Bereket. Bereket's class is doing PJ day. Undress, looking for a pair of PJs, do we have any bona fide sleeping clothes left? Off we send our son to school in his jammies. Hmmm, this is strange, is this right?

Anyway, now I am worried. Was the note for today?


M and M said...

Bereket naked with his "junk" - dunno, you have me laughing - the WHOLE time.

ethiograndma said...

Junk - I'm cracking up! There is junk and then there is junk!

Tarah said...

I have so been there. I sent Jack with snack on the wrong day. I have even gotten so side tracked that I dropped him off and left on a non school day.