Sep 16, 2009

Sharing is fun

Boy A has toy. Boy B wants toy. Boy A doesn't want to share and neither does Boy B for that matter. Hmmmm, strange alien-like toddler behavior. Boy B is clever and asks peeeeese. No go. Boy B is persistent and eventually finds the magic word. ENguh. This uttering used to mean all done. Then it branched out into new meanings. Here ya go or give me that. Now it also means let's trade. It can go on for long time like this, enguh, no enguh, back and forth, trading toys or food, all three boys. I find myself saying, No Enguh! We can enguh after you eat. Somehow trading lessens the blow of sharing.

Hey, they're triplets. They're a little odd-duckly.

Forgive Bereket's sluggishness. We just awoke him with his new tractors from Grandma C.


Rachel said...

So cute! They are getting so big!

Julie said...

Hi! We are also from central KS! I was excited to see another Kansan who adopted from Ethiopia. We're waiting on our referral for a little boy. :)