Nov 4, 2009

Angel B

Time for the identical pair to switch it up again. Trading toys morphed into trading personalities, it seems. Sira is trading a little piece of his angel in for a hunk of Bereket's naughty.

Bereket . . . well, maybe I haven't mentioned this before, but everybody kept telling me about the onery spirit twinkling in his eyes; and they weren't wrong. In fact, I had to keep reminding a few not to speak of him in this way within ear shot. You know what they say, kids hear all bad criticism and soak up less of the good. He wasn't all that really, but this crazy laugh, toothy grin, and way he had of saying, Bu-by-eeee (say it with music and extreme exaggeration, as if mocking your school teacher) just after he pushed Sira to the ground for the nth time, well, it was becoming disconcerting. I don't expect a whole lot of empathy from a three year old boy, but still. Not to mention it seemed he looked to Sira really too much for pattering and direction, instead of like, maybe . . . me? or Jerry? Meanwhile, Sira was angelic and sweet and ever-pestered by his adoring Bear-duh-ke-tuh, as we lovingly call him (said with exaggerated tongue roll).

I'm not sure what happened, but Sira's eyes are starting to look at me sideways more often, he's full of no, and I swear he's swaggering. Get this, at bedtime he puckers up for a kiss and as soon as he gets it, he tells me, Go! At the same time Bereket's hugs and kisses went on overdrive (so I can't go yet, Sira, I have about 20 more kisses to dole out, or 40 with Tsega here too); his eyes softened, I found him curled in my lap more, less defiance, more helping. I'm liking this bigger and sweeter Bereket.

It's not like I didn't see the angel inside him before, I mean he even walked like one:

Sira is once again more drawn to daddy these days. I can tell with preschool and all, change is big on his (well, all of their) horizon. His inner world is saturated and I love seeing all the different dimensions taking shape as all my boys grow up.

Sidenote for an ending: Tsega, apparently, hates firemen (sorry for the sexist term). Do not mention them or he will go all irate and keep on insisting, No firemen!


Paula said...

Love the angel walk!

ethiograndma said...

It's funny how they are switching it up but they are all angels to Grandma. Easy for me to say, I'm ALL the way out in California :)