Nov 3, 2009


Every Halloween I hunger fear. Faux fear, that is. I delight in haunted horror and eerie dread and need to get scared. One can't get too scary with three year olds and by the time they go to bed, I'm too tired for horror. But this Halloween left me giddy with fright. I'm one of those that prod my little ones into festivities, like pointing out all the creepy spiders and ghouly death faces haunting our downtown neighborhood while making shivery ooooooh, ewwwwww, and woooooo noises. Nice, mom.

Let me back up. So it's Halloween night and the boys' first-ever tricks and treats outing. They napped late and by the time they were up and in costume, darkness began, thus the sucky pictures. Giddy, we were all just giddy with excitement. And shit, but the cuteness, whoa!, I could not get over it. Cow, mouse, and clown.

We planned on driving out to some neighborhood since country living does not afford things like this, much to my liking. And totally by accident, we stumbled through Halloween Central; the Historic District downtown went ALL OUT. Kids - everywhere. Noises, lights, decorations - overwhelmingly, horrificly amazing. Frightening and fun fun fun.

OK, they're three, scary isn't really a good idea yet, I know. Tsega started out and stayed cautious, always trailing behind with Grandma. Bereket had the misfortune of being with me, the one making all the scary noises, so after about 20 minutes fear began settling in. Well, it was also the oversized death masks that did it (much scarier than a normal-sized death face, if you ask me). But he still timidly waddled up to doors and held his bag open for candy. Let me interrupt to say they made me proud because they were all so good about leaving the candy in the bag and not foraging through it until we were done. Sira had ever-positive daddy to help so he by far was the happiest tricker-treater. Big smile, bag wide open, he was having a blast. Damn, they were sooooo cute! Back in the car, all smiles and laughter, fear gone, chocolate running down chins onto costumes. Now a great Halloween memory.


The Stephensons said...

The boys are looking too grown up! Tell them they are too young to change into big boys already.


Rachel said...

Oh, the cuteness. Can't stand it!

Ashley said...

so stinkin' cute. seriously.

Jennifer said...

Bet they talk about it for a long time to come! They are so adorable!

jayme said...

Love it! I can't believe how big our kids all are. You feed 'em, they grow, I suppose.