Jul 23, 2010

Two thirds

I once wrote a lengthy blog post on the identical pair's relationship with each other vs each one with fraternal brother Tsega. At the time, although I was noticing the blossoming of identical twinisms between the pair, something that was not apparent during infancy and early toddler hood, such as shuffling together in step, there did not appear to be a tighter bond than what each had with Tsega. Indeed, when the babies began moving about more Bereket considered any brotherly contact antagonizing (see that blog post here). Yet blogging often cast spells and no sooner had my post hit the net when things changed.

Example. This morning Bereket climbed into my bed to find Sira and Tsega sleeping. He climbs next to Sira and starts patting and kissing him and whispering alien nonsense in his ears. He'd never do that to Tsega. Sometimes the pair gain up on Tsega. Poor little dude. He is at times a bit of an outsider to Bereket-Sira. So different than his identical brothers (yet he is the spitting image of his first mother) but prefers to be my little shadow. But they protect him too. They make sure he gets his share: What about Tsega? If they see him drifting apart during our walks, or getting too close to the oxbow that lines our driveway, because he loves to throw rocks down there, they get nervous and cry for him.

There is so much sameness between the "twins", such a profound connection, it's spooky. Even down to that funky toenail, which, BTW, Sira noticed for the first time the other day. He was pointing to it, telling me that he has no nail. But you do, I tell him, it's just a little funky, Bereket has it too, right on the same toe. Come here Bereket, show Sira. Then they studied their toenails seriously before hopping off together into trouble. (FYI, it's not that noticeable and not gross or anything . . . it just looks different than the rest of his toenails, kind of curved). They have the cutest feet and toes.

Anyway, so, yeah, they are definitely a tight bond. Yet Bereket is such an easy going, confident babe for long time now (not so during the teen months), and Sira . . . everything is I don't like or I'm scared of. He may even melt to the floor while proclaiming, I don't like anything! During rough spots I still get his 37 pound body into a sling which soothes his soul like nothing else can.

Tangent. These guys are obviously engrossed by something on video. Lately we started ending our day with the Grinch cartoon just before bedtime because bedtime has seen some heavy resistance. (Yeah, another example of my sloppy parenting.) They crack up and then go to bed like a dream. Last night they were mumbling the verse along with the narrator Boris Karloff. Sometimes they ask me to sing the Whoville carol before bed. Yeah, you got me on the lyrics. Da-hoo, ra-hoo, fa-hoo, la-hoo, something something Christmas time.


ethiograndma said...

The series of pictures you posted is priceless. When we took the kids to see Toy Story, Bereket had to go to the rest room. When we came back and he sat down Sira gave him a little pat. Are you sure they aren't Siamese twins? So cute!

Chrysemys picta said...

Just wanted to say how cool your blog is. I'm volunteering for four months in Ethiopia in the city of Jimma. I'm also a fraternal triplet, I've been keeping my eyes out for twins and triplets everywhere here. They look healthy and strong,

Paula said...

I've wondered about the relationship between the three... as you know, I have identical twin girls and they are very, very closely bonded and in tune with each other... which doesn't necessarily always mean in LOVE with each other, alas. Interesting. I just love reading about your boys.

Sean and Rachel Kerrigan said...

Hello, I heard through the grapevine that you are moving to DC. My husband and I adopted identical twins in Jan '09 who are turning two years old this week. We recently moved to the DC area and would love to connect with you when you arrive. Please feel free to email me rachel.kerrigan@gmail.

Sean and Rachel Kerrigan said...

I heard through the grapevine that you are moving to the DC area! My husband and I adopted twin boys (identical) in Jan '09 who are turning two years old this week. We moved to DC earlier this year and would love to connect with you upon your arrival (and help in any way we can!) Please feel free to email me at rachel.kerrigan@gmail.com. I have just begun making connections in the area with other adoptive families and would love to connect you too if you'd like!

Anonymous said...

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wildflowers said...

i just wanted to comment that those photos are beautiful :)