Jul 23, 2007

Baby Legs

Perhaps my favorite part of a baby's anatomy (besides those cute dimples where the sun doesn't usually shine): the fat part behind the knees. The way it bows in just above the knee. . .Epitome of baby.

Irresistible. The knee itself is pretty good too. When the boys' legs extend, I joke that I'm gonna start keeping my coins in those knee slots. (Below is Tsega's knee from April. . . )

BTW, a sure way to get baby's belly laugh: tickle his inner thigh.


Mimi said...

Hello triplets and all,
I am "Mimi" (maternal grand of Deacon Faulkner.) I have been checking in on your brew for several months. I adore the boys. I am glad the 2 have found the 1 for a 'happy 3'. haha God must have much humor and love for all in Silas Kansas and especially for you who have made a sad world a very happy and whole life for all envolved. I would love to lay on the floor and just be one with your boys. Many laughs.
Love those dimples, both on the face and knees. hahahahahahah

Hugs and Kisses Mimi aka Amy White

Diane said...

Question: Why is people do not have the same reaction to MY dimples behind the knees (and other places), pudgy hands, jelly belly and fat cheeks? ;)

The boys are still heartbreakers, as always.

Deirdre said...

So cute! I'm particularly partial to the inner thigh rolls—the perfect zrrbrrt zone.

Chandra said...

I love the legs and everything else. There is nothing cuter than fat little babes! They are too precious :)

Sabrina said...

Love the pics! Chubby baby legs are the best. I love our daughter's little rolls on her thighs.

Renee said...

You're boys are so sweet and cute! I love watching them grow. We're expecting from Ethiopia- hopefully by the end of the year! Keep posting!

Tarah said...

I'm with diane... Guess it is only cute and kissable when on tinies!
I love the little roll by the knee. I had two skinny minnies, so Tezeta's chub is fun!!

a&mg said...

So cute! My favorite part is baby toes. I cannot resist them. My husband thinks I'm a freak.