Jul 31, 2007

EKC Event in Minnesota

Yep, we packed up the trips and drove from Kansas to Minnesota to join the festivities at the Ethiopian Kids Community 2007 celebration. Brave, aren't we :)? We hooked up with a few families from our Ethiopia travel group and gushed at their beautiful, lively, and bigger babes (Lisa & Max, Susan, Brian & Jenny, Cory, and all your families. . . I love you!). New faces but old names from the forum popped up here and there (so great to meet you). I apologize if I failed to recognize your name off the bat, but I know you now. Thank you to everybody who smiled, nodded, introduced yourself, or acknowledged "The Triplets"--you made a rather shy mama feel welcomed!

One of the funniest moments. . . I ran into Emilee, whom I met in Ethiopia, exchanged excited gestures, and became slowly, too slowly, barely cognisant of my Tsega grabbing items out of a stray grocery sack and tossing them to the floor. Next instant we both witness Emilee's Josh (same age as my trio) eating powdered donuts off the floor, made available by Tsega's rummaging. Then horrified Emilee slinks off slewing apologies to the donuts' owner while her youngest daughter is pulling her shirt over her head. Tsgea has manners, he didn't eat any donuts. Great moment :).

One of the sweetest moments (other than Lisa's darling Christine, Ethan, & Anna loving on our babies). . . Tsega saw Lucy, Stacy's famous Ethiopian beauty, chugging down the hotel hallway for the pool (wheee!) and Tsega waddles straight for her throwing his arms out; they exchanged the biggest hug then chased, ran, and crawled together up and down the hallway. . . So charming, tears came to my eyes (awwww!).

The boys loved it all and we loved seeing the beautiful families. I've been lonely for Ethiopia so at least we had that connection.

Now I think we need some full length mirrors in our house. Look. . . it's sextuplets!

I know, no pics from the event, shame on me!!! Just imagine tons of beautiful teeny kids running around squealing (or search other's blogs). Next year we may hit the Wisconsin Ethiopian Cultural Camp. Please come, I'd love to meet you or see you again!

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Stacie said...

Oh how fun! We're going to have to make it to one of these picnics next summer. :)