Jul 23, 2007

Hair, No Hair

Here we are, 13 months old TODAY, and Bereket and Sira still legally bald. Just a little Sweet Pea fuzz (you know, Sweet Pea--Popeye's baby (huh?!)).

Will Sira and Bereket ever elongate or grow hair? Will they stay mama's Kewpie Dolls forever? (Stolen picture from Nancy. . . Please don't sue. . . )

Tsega's hair began as straight peach fuzz. Now little coils replace the fuzz. His hair grows thickest and softest at the top near his forehead (so nice to run your fingers through) with the back still playing catch up. A friend's 6-year-old, while loving on Tsega, remarked how his hair is like little tornadoes (a Kansan-kid of course). At first a little confused, then I realized what he meant (and he meant it kindly). All the little, seemingly individual clumps of coils springing from Tsega's head; like sweet little twisters. See. . .So pretty. . .

I cannot imagine S & B with hair. . . IF they ever get any. . . (I think my babies are the oldest baldy-babies of the adopted Ethiopian children I've seen!)


Amy said...

Legally bald, so funny.
Your babies are beautiful. My mother always used to say that she thought she'd wear the hair (what little there was of it, lol) right off my head because she ran her fingers across it so often.

Nancy said...

I love it!! I bought those dolls at a thrift store and had to have them because Makena resembled them so much at the time.

Cindy, I wanna come over and play!! Your guys are so busy, pudgy and cute. Life must be gloriously crazy at your house ALWAYS :)