Jul 19, 2007


Sippy cups aren't just for sipping. You can blow bubbles in them or turn the floor or high chair into a water park. Watch the triplets enjoy their drinking problem. (That's Bereket with the stripes, Sira opposite, and Tsega in the middle laughing at his bros.) Towards the end, about a minute in when the camera's on Bereket (stripes), listen for the loud parrot squawk (that's no parrot, that's Sira!)


Jen and Dan said...

OMG too funny. Tsega with his little legs swinging back and forth and Bereket going all out using his tray top as a drum set. That was hilarious!!!!

Christina and Chris said...

I have to agree with "jen and dan": Tsega really knows how to move! I kept cracking up every time the camera panned over him! Your little ones are too cute.

Angela :-) said...

Tsega's legs look like a pendulum. LOL

Mrs. Captain said...

okay, I am not going to admit how many times I watched the video today...SO CUTE!!!

thanks for sharing! and - good match on the music, too!!