Sep 7, 2007

In Support of My Last Post. . .

I wrote my last post at the end of the work day last Wednesday, walked home, and Dada and Tsega waved me in as I approached the front of the house. Hi Tsega! Hi Dada! . . . Tsega, don't look so excited.

I had to laugh and take a picture because there, on the grass, was the pile of the day from the boys and it was almost exactly as I described, except for an added hanger and no bottles (the socks are even there!).

The sad part is, it rained last night and four of their best baby books were still outside. :(

While I'm here, let me describe what takes place when dada and mama come home from work. Dada works Mon-Fri, 8-5. I work Mon-Wed, 7-6. We work at the same place up the dirt road. A nanny comes to the house the days I work. She is Ugandan, what a find in our smallish community. Anyway, there should be happy squeals, smiles, and hugs when we walk through the door, right? It's starts out like this for about 30 seconds and next thing everybody is crying their heads off, laying flat on the ground face down in total despair, and generally going nuts. I always say, love shouldn't hurt, boys! They get overworked, overstimulated, and I think can't handle the competition for attention. The best thing to do in these cases, lay flat on the carpet and let babies ride the mama (or papa) train. Then everybody's at eye-level, everybody can get a piece of you, and everybody gets love, attention, and fun. Also, we can't come home for lunch anymore, it's too upsetting for everybody to leave again, and we just throw a kink into the day for our poor nanny (whom our children love, BTW). And I remember the floppy baby days when our comings and goings didn't seem to spark a single brain cell in those baby minds. It's good to be loved, but like I said, love shouldn't hurt boys. Chill ;).

One last P.S. . . for new readers and one commenter, Sira and Bereket are identical
and Tsega is the fraternal triplet.

Two eggs, both fertilize, one splits, and voila, triplets such as these. Pretty special.


Mama Papaya said...

Hmm, they are all three identical? I could have sworn...

Cindy, I love you in a strictly platonic, admiration kind of way. I love that I am not the only one who lets their kid eat off the floor, climb in the toybox and surf on the dog.

*~JESSIE~* said...

I love your blog, the pictures, your not freaking out going with the flow kind of parenting! What an inspiration!!!

Please though do share where you find the bright fun clothes the boys wear. I must shop where you shop.


Jen and Dan said...

OMG is that Tsega with Jerry? I thought it was some other kid because he can't be that big!!! Slow down on the growing boys, my goodness! Too fast, too fast!

Really, seeing Tsega standing next to Jerry really threw me. I guess I think they are still itty bitty babies and the pic reminded me how fast babies grow. I wish it wasn't so darn fast!

As always, Dan and I love reading your blog. You, Jerry and the boys rock! I like your comment about the China toys... too funny!

Cindy said...

I know Jen, they grow SO fast. It is quite sad :(. Tsega's a big one.

MP, NO, they are not all 3 identical (fraternl means the opposite--please review what I wrote :))

And MP, just how do did you know that they eat off the floor? I don't believe I ever wrote about that! How else am I supposed to feed them cheerios 6 times a day when they cannot stop themselves from over turning the bowl a hundred times not to mention their love of drumming and sweeping food to the floor (I can't strap them to high chairs all day!).

Actually, I though of crafting a one hundred pound bowl but Jerry had a better idea. He's gonna screw a metal bowl onto a sheet of ply wood and that will be our snack bowl (at least good for outside, anyway).

Jessie, clothes? You mean you think my babes wear them? Well, sometimes. The shorts are material our sweet nanny had her mother send from Uganda, and then nanny had the material stiched up for shirts and shorts for the boys' first birthday. Pretty cool, huh!? Otherwise, I love Zutano clothing (although it fades fast in the wash) which I get from on the web, and I also love BabysoyUSA, also online. I'm through with most of Target and Walmart (hey, it's central Kansas, we don't have much here), the boys clothes are boring and the same stuff hangs on the rack in odd sizes for a year. I love groovy stuff! :)

Sara said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I cracked up at the image of all the little munchkins erupting into wails of despair in every afternoon reunion. Too cute.


Tarah said...

Why the crying with the return? I have the same thing. hmmmm... too much for me. The boys are still way cute and Tezeta is still thinking they are cute too! Really, she loves the pics with me. :)
(We eat off the floor to. The worst is when T finds something when others are over and eats in out of the carpet!!! ugh..)

Stacy said...

the bowl on the plywood what a brilliant idea! If Lucy didn't eat off the floor I believe she'd loose about half her caloric intake on any given day. I think cheerios must taste better off the floor. Maybe they're just trying to avoid the lead paint on all those kid's bowls.