Sep 5, 2007

Toy Box

Bereket and Sira love fitting objects together, stacking, and especially tossing everything overboard the crib or outside our french doors onto the lawn (front porch still pending on our never-ending old house project); there's always a little pile of toys, bottles, binkies, books, and socks on the grass just outside our living room.

Tsega prefers to hold onto things and bat them in the air, sometimes on brothers' heads, so no heavy objects allowed; he always finds the perfect stick to play with outside and won't let go. Mama prefers herbaceous twigs to woody sticks since she still remembers the sharp jab in her eye and the plaster patch she sported as a little girl.

Yummy plastic & lead goodies straight from China. At least the toy box is home made (thanks Jerry!).

It helps when the boys toss toys into the box, but Tsega went crazy taking everything out (with two brothers egging him on) and finally fell in.

You can just make out the curly top above the swimmers leg (lotion needed mama, I know!). Busy boys :).


Cavatica said...

Those boys are hysterical!!!

karin Lindfors said...

i have been enjoying your blog about your beautiful boys! so s & b are identical and t makes them triplets, yes? what a miracle in your midst.
best wishes!
karin (in massachusetts)

Debbie said...

Hi I'm Debbie, A friend told me about your blog. You have beautiful boys!!! Very blessed indeed!!


Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Thanks for the chuckle today, Cindy!

Sara said...

I know you don't know me, but I lurk on your blog (adopted two boys from Ethiopia back in 2005--ages 11 months and 2.5 years). I love the video. That just cracked me up. Oh, and the never-ending need for lotion. SIGH. It took me a good year before I finally got in the habit of putting the lotion on every night before bed. And that was with just TWO munchkins. :)

One more thing...they will grow!!! I'll bet they're just waiting for the next growth spurt. I was very worried our toddler would be abnormally short. He stayed under the 5th percentile for height for his entire first year! Then he rose to 25, then 30, and now at age 4.5, he's at 40th...moving right along. :)

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and I love all the photos.

Sara (in Texas)

Hi! I'm Laura. Welcome to my blog. said...

oh i just want to grab that cute little flat foot!!

LISA said...

Cindy, you guys are a riot!