Sep 17, 2007

Milk is for Babies

Where have my milk fiends gone? They think they want milk, their eyes and gag cry asks for it (gag cry--sounds like they are gagging with head tossed back--this is Bereket's and Sira's hunger cry), doctor says they need it, but they can't stop moving long enough to drink it. Milk is suddenly boring. They would rather spray milk everywhere, swing around the bottle, topple it over a high chair, or simply lose it to chase the cats.

Yes, I know, time to drop the bottles. It's the same story with cups only messier (and I'm not in a hurry to graduate into toddler hood so fast). I love this age, but the drop phase, where baby drops objects and then peaks down to see what happens is not as cool for mama. Tsega clears his tray for me onto the floor when he's all done. Thanks, Tsega-Mega, just for that, no pictures on my blog today.

Food. That's what's exciting, all the glorious textures, colors, aromas, and temperatures. Yet even food gets boring after a few bites so that the boys have to make up games to keep entertained at the high chair. Get this. . . and please tell me my boys are not crazy or bulimic. . . Tsega and Sira have resorted to gagging themselves, complete with fingers down the throat, retching noises, and spittle. This is not a judgement on my cooking or an indication of poor swallowing abilities. They start these terrible table manners as soon as they're strapped into the high chairs before the food comes. The sweeping food to the floor, blowing bubbles in cups of liquid, Bereket's love of balancing fruit on his head (times like this I'm glad he's hairless), the head rocking for the sake of high chair races (yes, babies, slam your head against the back of the chair over and over and watch it move across the room)--these are humorous, but the gagging is gross! Gotta love the way they teach each other bad habits :).


Malia'sMama said...

Well, according to the What to Expect book, this is all NORMAL! They are "exploring their worlds". Yes, isn't that scary!? (and messy!!) :) MalĂ­a is having her own personal food fest each meal (but mostly supper) too, but hers involves squishing it firmly, then eating. On special occasions, she puts her food nicely in her mouth, then pushes it back out to squish it, and then eats it, this time swallowing. If she doesn't have a sippy cup, then it's bubble city, too! I know the mess she makes and she's a wee lass- oh YOU poor Mama with THREE strappin' laddies!!!! LOL

gr8dc2b said...

So many great pictures. Your blog really is an inspiration to me. I hate the bulimic gagging thing too. For my guys it started when the molars started coming in. Then, they realized that it bothers me and so it is a fun game to them. Gag myself, giggle, Gag myself, full on throw my head back and let out a monstrously evil laugh. I finally had to pretend to ignore it. Then the boys walk in front of mama, smile, promptly insert finger in throat. I have tried everything....nothing has worked. Just as Sebastian let up a little, Ben is starting to get his molars. The fun was reintroduced. Good luck and let me know if you solve the fingers down the throat problem.
Cindy of the twins

cathy said...


Ellie said...

Your boys are so cute! Our twins would gag themselves and make themselves throw-up at night and at nap time when they did not want to be in their cribs! (messy,messy) Lucky for you yours only do it in the highchairs!

Kellie said...

Ah, yes. No gagging here, but Helen also loves to clear her tray of food (when she is not putting it in her hair, that is). She doesn't eat much at a time, but is begging for a snack all day long.

What's a mama to do?

Leah said...

my son is a professional gagger, too (*sigh*)

Jen and Dan said...

Ok I am laughing because, well..... I don't have kids yet. So all of this is way too funny! LOL So sorry the kids have "lost" their manners. Oh well, boys will be boys and kids will be kids. At least they aren't throwing up on you or throwing the milk at the walls.. or are they? I know, I know, all this chuckling is surely going to get me in trouble and bestow some sort of payback on me.

I love the triplets. They are a riot Cindy!!

Bek said...

I was reading your post as I listened to my THREE year old gagging himself in his room during nap time, laughing and then saying "do it again". Sigh.

My Norah is the same age as your boys and she doesn't do that YET, but we are on the verge, I know it. We have just discovered the drop game and it does drive me crazy...... We haven't moved to sippy's yet either, but she LOVES a straw (but that is way, way more mess than I usually want to deal with...)

Kellie said...

Cindy, I am pretty sure you jinxed me. This week my daughter started gagging and fake choking. She gives me a big cheesy grin when I run over all freaked out to see if she is ok. I imagine the only way to get her to stop is to ignore it, but how can you ignore a child who sounds like she is choking?

*~JESSIE~* said...

My niece does the fake gagging thing all the time. She freaks me out a little ever time she does it which just cracks her up I'm sure!

I'm going to be hosting an adoption blog carnival on my blog the first of the month. I would love to include your blog since it's so dang cute and fun! All the info on how to enter is listed on my blog. I hope you can participate.

Have a great week!