Sep 4, 2007

Small is Beautiful

So Big. . .

and not so big. . . still.

Our triplets have been home over nine months and little Bereket and Sira still fall below US growth charts on height. Maybe you've thought how chunky they look, how sparkly healthy. Indeed they roll and sparkle in all the right places and are showing up between 15-20% on weight charts. These identical brothers gain average amounts of inches each month, but they started below average and continue to fall behind the bottom of charts for height. Tsega appears bulky and big to me, but his height is a modest 30% on charts although he weighs a whopping 25 pounds as of one month ago (that puts him at 80%!). . . four and five pounds heavier than his brothers. The size difference is hard to miss. A new comment we get in public: this one is bigger. . . and, this one has hair. . .

Short is fine. I just worry sometimes about abnormal short. Guess mama worry wart is my new thing. Lovely. But then I remember how tiny they were and how much they've grown. I forget sometimes, like when I met my friend's newborn baby. Suddenly my babies appeared as huge luminous super babies compared to this tiny creature.

Developmentally, we're fine. The therapists left us at about 10 months old. Although I may call the team back at 15 months if language doesn't improve. Where are those words, boys? Babble is fine between the three of you for now, but you need to talk to mama and papa someday. Sira's ah du for all done and jetty or dat for kitty cat is great. . . But Bereket, da da is not a universal word, the cats won't answer to it. And what is this na na na boys, as you sit in your high chairs, have you made up a word for yummy, food, feed me?

Back to the small stuff. Bereket made Tsega cry the other day as he won a fight over a toy (a post about teeth marks--bad boy--for another day) and Sira dances like Baryshnikov, so small or not, these boys hold their own and all three are BIG on cute, charm, and will.

Oh, and big on voice. See the two following videos. In the first one I only had them in the pack n play for a minute (Are they mad, excited, or playing? I think all three. . . ) while I swept up the cheerios, otherwise my little helpers grab the broom and eat out of my pile. Sira's in the middle, Tsega on his right, and Bereket left.

The second one is during our road trip to MN and was left in my camera for long time. That's Tsega with the hair, Sira next to him, and Bereket in back with me.

Loud, huh? :)


Jen and Dan said...

What a set of lungs! My goodness. Ya know, I had a set of lungs and as a child I always beat out the other kids for the lead in the school play. I think you have some drama queens on your hands or national speakers. Awesome!

Melanie said...

I love Sira going back and forth in the pack and play.....they are all sooooooo cute!!!!

Chatter said...

Those were hilarious Cindy. My 2 year old is enjoying them as well. We just finished both and he said "more". So we are going to watch them again.

I also loved Sira going back and forth (he can move that head). Hilarous! I would love to just sit and watch them for a day :).

Have fun!

Sheryl said...

The prisoner's are rebelling! Very funny.

lmstephenson said...

I love the videos. Your life will never be dull, thats for sure. As far as size goes, they look perfectly healthy to me. Have you ever seen an Ethiopian growth chart? I'm sure it would look totally different than an American one. If I was to put Candace on a growth chart for Southern Chinese children, she would look like a monster (she has gained 6 1/2 pounds in 5 months). My son was in the 5th percentile most of his infancy. However, once he reached one, he started to finally grow. Now at age 5, he is in the 75th percentile. Your boys are doing great!

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