Sep 23, 2007

In the Yard

Green, insect noise, nudity, heat, dirt eating, photosynthesis, and long afternoon yard play are waning with summer, as are solar showers (and yes, that's an outhouse you see in the background on the right--long, long story).

Tsega is the explorer, the one we chase after in public. He loves sticks.

We usually pick a spot in the yard according to where Tsega wants to spend his time wandering in and out of and let everybody roam until they hide from view. See. . . that's Tsega way off sitting in the grass and of course Sira usually stays closer until his adventure warms up. The cat is Rudolph, one of our 8 (or 9?) cats that don't get attention from us anymore since the triplets arrived. Only two among the cat gang will let the boys screech in their faces and grab their tails (and Rudolph is not one of them).

Please send your condolences to Sira who is cutting one, possibly two, molars (first molar among the triplets). Thanks to Marty for flashing us and soothing the babies.

Bereket (Chuckles to us) is happy to do anything these days (in between the ever-present teething, obviously); always smiling.

Tsega loves being a mobile toddler and hardly fusses about anything anymore (even sleeping. . . Yep, our sleep method, or lack of, still works! Life is good!); he didn't bask in the floppy & helpless infant stage like his brothers (and I used to call him "high needs" so long ago. . . ).

Swinging, swimming, gardening, hose handling, eating herbs, and climbing the root cellar mound are among their favorite outdoor activities.

Finally, I'm including this last picture for Jerry, despite the fact that I really hate it (really, my head is not this big--I think). I'm not very good at holding two at once and they don't like it either.

By by summer. . .time for bug bites to heal. Oh, and I just realized, today marks the boys' 15th month as we enter the fourth season with them :).


Anonymous said...

Yup, you know fall is comin' when you see the triplets in clothes! ;)
Boy are they getting big! What fun they must have together. I know how much fun M & E have chasing each other all over the yard.

Stacy said...

that looks like so much fun with them roaming outside and the nice clean dirt!!! Lucy is only allowed to eat country dirt ... I think she gets the difference. They are looking so happy and healthy. OH and I wanted to say that I saw PIL way back when too ... only because I was way addicted to Sid and Nancy. My good friend in high school had uptown's tallest mohawk in 1987.. pretty impressive!

Kellie said...

Wow! What a great group of pics. You are making me feel like a slacker :)

I just love to see your boys walking around and exploring the yard. Your place looks like boy heaven to me. It is amazing to see how rapidly they change and grow isn't it?

Cavatica said...

Boy those babies look hard to hold!

Malia'sMama said...

True country living! That's how I grew up, too! Nothing beats it! :)

Jenn said...

your land is beautiful! as are your boys... ;-)