Jan 27, 2009


Oh moons, we love you, in the sky, in books, and in every circle, there you are. Moon! Even the sun is you, according to Sira (our first verbal disagreement). You are my boys' first crush. You are the last thing we say good night too. And if they see you and call your name, hearts break and tears flow if I don't answer, Yes, moon! Yes, yes, there's the moon. It's the moon!!! Hello moon! Night night moon. Oh lunar baby, full and crescent, our love revolves around your light.


~melodious mama~ said...

ah yes, her glowing radiance....I wonder if they can somehow sense the huge connection we all have with the tidal force of her....drawing us to different shores within ourselves.
Our youngest has a parallel love...the glee and bliss exclaimed upon the first sighting "moon!! mama, moon!!" he knows I love her just as much. And when she is full and peaking in through clouds there is a moment of silence, always. All four of them seem to be so struck by her beauty that a reverent pause is only natural.
lovely post...I so appreciate the things that inspire you to write. Following your blog always leaves me smiling.

Cavatica said...

My daughter loves the moon too. It comes up in such sweet ways.