Jan 13, 2009

The Two Peas

Doing that identical thing again.

Wait, come back . . .

This always gets laughs at the playground.

Bereket kept coming up to me yesterday wanting me to show him how to connect his little car to a little trailer (little like hand sized). He finally got it and seemed happy with it. Then last night I walk into the living room and he had hitched up a red plasma car behind his blue plasma car (yes, the blue one is his so hands off) as if he was trailing it. And under his blue plasma car was a little buggy car that was trailing it . And there he was riding around like this, seated in the blue plasma car. Genius!

Of course Sira wanted to copy the exact thing and started fussing over it. I asked Bereket to help him out, show him how it's done, but he only succeeded in adding to Sira's frustration. It took me about 10 minutes to get Sira to stop crying over this failure. The red plasma car simply would not stay put.

This morning everybody wanted a baby blanket wrapped tightly around as they wandered the house. The blankets kept falling off and each child grew frustrated. Finally I put Sira's blanket on the floor and told him it's better to sit on it. Of course Bereket saw this and wanted his spread out on the floor to sit on next to Sira. I put a puzzle at Bereket's feet and he immediately repositioned the puzzle so that it sat squarely between him and Sira. They pieced the puzzle together in peace.


Ruth said...

Aww they are such cutie pies! You get some really great pics! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Ricki said...

Hi Cindy,
Thanks so much for your comment! And yes he does have Sira's expressive eyebrows!
We leave Feb.05 to go get him (yahoo!) so I'll send your mom pics when we get home and I'll tell her to forward them on to you as well :)
Take care,