Jan 8, 2009

That's all there was in 2008

Grandma torture . . .

Good by old, hello new. As 2008 rolled on by it got me thinking of other milestone farewells we bade during the last 12 months. By by cribs, sippie cups (except on the go), chair tipping, size 5 diapers (hello size 6 . . . guess adult-sized diapers are next), 90% of food and utensil throwing, toddler-proof door knobs, sleeping in past 7:15 (pitter-patter is not a bad alarm clock), and Tsega said good by to size 2T and a whole lot of hair.

I've captured the greatest moments of 2008 ala video montage style. Excuse the weirdish first song. As I thought about what is life really like with 2 year old triplets, it struck my fancy. Keep on dancing, break out the booze, and have a ball.

Happy New Year!!!


Nancy said...

...and notta one picture of their amazing momma who has nurtured her beautiful boys through all of these moments - now her precious memories.

You should be quite proud.

rebekah said...

They're just wonderful. I love how much they're outside in the dirt and all.

FrogMom said...

"Keep on dancing, break out the booze, and have a ball."

My girls aren't triplets, but that's my philosophy too - although I am sure your choice in booze and music is probably a bit classier than ours ;)

Happy 2009!

Nekemte24 said...

Hi Cindy,

Love your blog about the boys, they are adorable! Your montages and videos are great. I really like some of the scenery shots you took when you got the boys. Would you be willing to share 1 or 2 shots? I'm putting together a life book for our 4-yr old daugther that we adopted from Ethiopia last March. She has a November birthdate and I wanted to put some pictures in her book that were taken that time of year and your photos are awesome!

Thank you,


Sheryl said...

This is my first time commenting on your blog even though I've been visiting for quite a while. I absolutely love the way you dress the boys in those fun, colorful, unique clothes. It's great how they're able to be outside exploring. I bet they'll have a great sense of adventure and imagination when they grow up. You and Jerry seem like great parents and the boys are adorable!

Cindy said...

Sheryl, that's so sweet (you are all so sweet!). The funny thing is, about the clothes, they are mostly Target and Kmart stuff. Nothing fancy, no big price tags, just my imagination, dirt, and 3 beautiful boys who wear diapers like models. :)

sawheeler said...

Love your blog - the boys are so wonderful, with so much character. Thanks for sharing! BTW, I didn't realize they made size 6 diapers; our little guy just finally got into size 3 at 11 months!

Happy New Year