Dec 28, 2009

Christmas Gluttons

Christmas came with plenty of price tags, boxes and bags, and snow, lights, and heart-stuffed celebration too. I have a hangover's sense of rolling, rolling, wheels, blurry rolling wheels, and sugar cranked kids rolling rolling spiralling, spinning . . . a weird fuzz of three little shopping carts, shopping carts, everywhere shopping, extremely so.

Wee early morning, asleep in their beds, everything in place. Look, Jerry, Santa left me a stocking!

Rolling off with presents and balloons in cart. Tsega held his candy so long. Nobody had the right stocking. Bereket refused to wear Ethiopian pants. Later, Tsega wore a dress.

We rolled, shopped, wiped noses, resolved toy fights, hugged, played music, cooked play doe, and ate like pigs. Gluttony rules!

And new train parts too.

Happy New Year!


Sarah said...

I love the picture of the lion in the shopping cart. So cute!

Deirdre said...

What joy! Hungover is a great way to describe this Monday-after feeling.

Nancy said...

I can feel the buzzzzzzz. Looks like a fun Christmas for the boys and teaching them to do their own shopping is a very good thing :)

Camille said...

What do you use for hair care on the boys? We are still trying to figure that part out. We've tried every product that Carol's Daughter makes and just started trying Miss Jessie's Original. Any suggestions for extra dry and matted in the back and frizzy ontop? =)